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Journaling Journey....The Prayer

The prayer…..

Journaling has not always been natural to me.  I remember as a young teenager pouring my woes out on paper…but when I had to write to fit the structure of an English class and with little aptitude for such writing… a loathing of writing started to fill my soul.  Journaling found its way back to me in my 30’s…I was in the clutches of lupus and experiencing the heart-breaking destruction of my fellowship. After years of spewing on the pages…healing came…and I burned the journals in a bonfire…because now there was “beauty for ashes.”

Now some 20 yrs. later…my heart was being torn apart again…deeper than I have ever known before…and I once again found my way back to pen and paper…pouring out my broken heart to Jesus…and once again, healing came.
Ann quoted John Piper in her book…”there are eyes in pencils and pens.” My pen started to clear my vision…focus my heart…and deep longings in my heart started to take form…

A prayer started to form…a prayer started to grow…word by word…virtue by virtue…and I was gleaning phrases from other’s writings that gave words to my wordless groans.  A truth in Scripture would pierce my heart…a phrase on a blog gave words to my deepening desires…each truth served to cultivate what God was growing in my heart.  Over years…the collection of jottings came together and a prayer was formed…formed to what was shaping in my heart...

This is my prayer…this is my heart’s desire…

       Today by the power of Your Holy Spirit, help me…to walk with a more compassionate heart…to speak clear words…healing words…words that make a soul stronger…to have gracious awareness…to be a non-judgmental presence…to be courageous in thoughts and actions…to be generous in love…to seek Joy…to look for Beauty…to model living in God’s celebration of life.

All is LoveAll is GraceAll is Well
When I collected saying ( long before blogging ) most of the time I don't write where I found them. Now with blogging I know I need to give credit...Here's the best I can do now... I know some came from Ann Voskamp and Sally Clarkson...I am just not sure whose is whose.

I am confident of this very thing, that He who began this good work will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6

 Only by His Grace…


  1. I love your prayer... so close to the prayer of my heart each passing day... Blessings dear sister
    His Grace is indeed sufficient...

  2. Thanks for stopping by... God's grace...most sufficient:)

  3. Hi
    I can't tell what your name is, but I can identify with your heart. I rejoice with you that God has given you the gift of journaling as a means of pouring out your heart to him. I have written about journaling in my book, Love Letters to God. May I send you a copy?
    Lynn Morrissey

  4. Oh sorry....this is how to reach me, w/ regards to my journaling book: words@brick.net.
    Lynn Morrissey

  5. Hi Lynn...thanks so much for stopping by and your generous gift....

  6. I just found your blog today... I love how God brings people and stories into our lives! Journaling has been my saving grace during my last 2 1/2 years! Those once empty pages now hold the depths of my soul. I continue to write about the journey, the day's events, my prayers, my anger and frustration, my blessings, my joy.... I have told my children that if anything happens to me, I want them to read my journals. I need them to understand this time in my life and all that God did to help sustain me through the pain, heartache and the worst of days. I look forward to reading more of your inspirational posts! Oh, and btw... your prayer is beautiful! I think I will print it out and hang it on the refrigerator as a reminder... :)

  7. I love it too...oh yes...the gift of pouring our hearts out to God...the one who collects our tears in a bottle...I am sorry for you the pain you have lived in the past couple of years... but I am thankful you are finding your strength in God and can pass that on to your children...God will redeem all things...
    I am blessed that you want to pray that prayer along with me...I write it daily at the end of each journal entry...the prayer has built over time....this is my simple heart cry...
    So glad you found me...I am going to go find you...
    Blessings to you as you continue your journey...

  8. I love your prayer too. You might want to check out my other blog Under the Cover of Prayer at http://underthecoverofprayer.wordpress.com.

    Blessings again,