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About Me

 My life in a nutshell...

~ I am Loved, saved and redeemed by my Savior
~For a season…the Pearl of great price cost me everything…I was kick out of my home as a rising senior in college…walked a long journey to reconciliation….I now am blessed to have the honor of finishing well with my parents…loving and honoring them in their aging years….only God can do such a wonderful work.
~married 30+ to the most kind, humble, patient man I know and he has been that way since we met at 14.
~home schooling a long time… since the late 80’s (I share my heart in the home schooling section)
~have 5 children I have held in my arms
~have four children held only in the arms of Jesus
~ Have known God’s healing in miraculous ways…..
~healed from the prison of anorexia…long before it was part of the mainstream
because of the years of abuse….having children would require much   help….but God intervened.
~ after the birth of my 3rd child…I landed in the grips of lupus….
 ~Spent 7 years struggling to get through each day…. thought our days of adding to our family was over… and we were strongly encouraged by Drs. to be “content” with the three...but God had another plan….a surprise…I became pregnant with #4
~#5 came and my body was new
~survived 2 hemorrhaging miscarriages…pregnancy #9 almost took my life
~walked around with Rocky Mt.(spotless fever…the spots would have helped)…almost too long before I got antibiotics…..long recovery….but God protected.

~I feel better in my 50’s than in my 30’s….running has been restored to me… such a sweet gift from God.

~When I read over this list…it can sound a bit dramatic….but I have learned ….partly from Ann Voskamp…When I paint using a broad stroke of thankfulness….this has kept me from finding a deep…deep heart of gratitude….so I wanted to count…write down …the blessings…counting them one by one…because "Count the blessings and find out how many of His bridges have already held....trust is the bridge from yesterday to tomorrow, built with planks of thanksgiving"(p.151)...so He can be lifted up… to remember His kindness…His Faithfulness.

~ Since traveling down some bumpy roads…I have learned…God is faithful….He never leaves or forsakes….With Him we can more than survive….we can thrive… through dark times….illness…loss…deep fellowship that gets torn apart….no place is too dark…too painful…for Him to reach down with His Love and redeem and Heal….all to His Glory.

Please feel free to drop me a note....
Ro elliott  elliottrauwood@aol.com


  1. Ro,

    i love this: "but I have learned ….partly from Ann Voskamp…When I paint using a broad stroke of thankfulness….this has kept me from finding a deep…deep heart of gratitude…"

    i feel the same way. i loved this whole story. i have read it before, but now felt i could comment. you and i have some like experiences. i too, struggled with anorexia-bulemia, i also had two miscarriages. running has been restorative and healing for me and continues to be my only relief.

    thanks for sharing this.



  2. I hesitated writing this list...but I wanted to give testimony of God's faithfulness...and He does heal...body,soul and spirit.

  3. The sharing of it all is your worship. There is such beauty in your telling of His Grace.

    Rich blessings as He leads you to share.

  4. Amy...thank you for your encouragement...yes all worship...and praise of His Grace to me...

  5. WOW! God is amazing...these journeys He has led us on...right back into His arms. How else could we truly live?

    Your thoughts console me. I have four children but lost three after my last one...now I have approached an age that it is not possible anymore. It is a grieving stage and I need to continually turn to the *present moment* to be grateful what is right here...right now.~Theresa

  6. He always leads us home to Him...Yes...the transition...the knowing this phase of life is over...there is some grieving...but He is faithful to help us turn the page...to start a new chapter...just as rich...just as full...just different...still learning to embrace the new different in my life when changes come...

  7. Your last paragraph gave me chills.

    Thank you for your honesty and bold declaration of God's goodness at ALL times.

    Blessings to you.

  8. I love your...'no place is too dark…too painful…for Him to reach down with His Love and redeem and Heal…all to His Glory.'
    I have found this to be true as well.
    Thank you for sharing your list, the pain and the blessing...
    All's grace indeed

  9. Lao...I am glad my journey can bring Glory to His name...thanks for stopping by...

    fisherlady...He is faithful to meet us...in each dark path we travel...so thankful for Grace...

    Blessings to you both....

  10. Oh, Ells - I just love your list of thankfulness! How great God has been in your life...through it all! You are a gift. Your testimony is a strength source. Your truth is the power others need to break their own strongholds keeping them from the fullness of Christ in their own lives! Thank you! ~ jen

  11. Jen...it was hard to actually put it all down...I struggled if I should really share it all...bottom line...my pride...looking like a drama queen...but would my pride rob God is getting Glory...telling of His faithfulness...so I put it out there...so thankful when someone can be encouraged by my story...to know God will meet them...
    Blessings sweet Jen...

  12. Thanks for sharing. Praise God for his redemption and for every bump that brought you to place where you can run...keep on running right into the arms of Jesus.

    So grateful for your story. I can relate on so many levels.

  13. Dea...good word...running into His arms...thanks for stopping by...Blessings~

  14. ro, thanks for sharing the beauty of creation with us. i'm your linky neighbor. I see that God has kept you through some difficult circumstances. So glad His grace has proved to be sufficient:)

  15. Such an inspiring testament to God's goodness.

  16. I have read Ann Voskamp's book 3 times; have taught it once. It made a tremendous difference in my life and the lives of my women friends.
    Being grateful at all time - through hard Eucharisteo too.
    Thank you for opening your heart.

  17. Ells,

    I didn't read this post carefully when I was last on your site. I was focused on what you had to say about homeschooling.

    This post touched me. So real and raw and loving all at once. You are someone I would love to know. What a life you've had.

    In Him,

  18. Yes those are certainly bumpy roads! Those who trust in the Lord are never disappointed! What a wonderful blessing that you feel better now than when you were younger! Patsy from

  19. So much to thank God for... when we have walked 'towards the shadow of death' we get perspective and a new 'sense of assurance' that all was for a purpose.

  20. thanks for sharing your life's journey, you write beautifully. I've never followed, or read people's blogs before, but am going to go down that road for awhile. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Guilaine barre survivor,

  21. It's great to was your story - you seem to write from such a place of thanksgiving and contentment - it's beautiful to read. I am someone who is currently battling with an autoimmune disorder (M.E., sometimes known under the umbrella term of chronic fatigue syndrome) which renders me unable to walk more than 50 metres.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  22. Enjoyed reading about you. God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?
    Me, I turn 50 this year. Working on losing baby weight. Blessed with a little one at 47.
    Working on getting fit again so I can raise this one.
    Love Our Father so much!
    Here's Isabella's story...
    Going to subscribe to your blog.
    Enjoyed your posts so much!

  23. It seems as though you have been through hell and back. I'm so glad that you found Jesus and things are a bit better for you. I am 53 yr old mom and grandma who began homeschooling in 1984 and am still at it! We have a bit in common!! I look forward to getting to know you better!