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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Age Old Battle

It’s an age old battle…
Am I a Martha?…or a Mary?
Most of us tend toward one or the other…
Serving…doing…like a Martha…
Or sitting…studying…like a Mary.
But I wonder…do we have to be one or the other?
Or does God want us to be a mix…a blend of both?

Doesn't He long for us...
 To know when it is time to sit at His feet...
To pull away and be alone with Him.
Doesn’t He also long for us...
To hear Him calling us onward to be His hands and feet…
Maybe to move outside our comfort zone wherever He leads.

As I was pondering and reading…
I came across these quotes…
and maybe they speak best to this quandary.

“Love is the only root from which blossom both action and contemplation, it is the only force which nourishes these two activities simultaneous, …blending the two into perfect harmony, this enable them to bear the best fruit…spring from the same stem of love,…
action and contemplation are fused on in perfect love.” Divine Intimacy
Picture courtesy of the gifted Patricia @ Pollywog Creek

“When we are planted in love…fruit does come from the same stem. When alone with God…prayer nourishes our soul and deepens our desire to action. 
When we are in action…
our souls turn inward…looking to Him to provide all we need to do His good works…
neither place dominates the otherboth draws us deeper into His heart of love and abiding grace.”  Divine Intimacy

Both drawing us deeper into His heart…
Whether sitting at His feet…
Or being His feet…
Both deepening His Love and abiding Grace in us.
Isn’t this what we all truly long for?

So maybe instead of saying…I am a Mary…I am a Martha…
maybe we can be Marytha or Marthay.

So thankful to be learning....Thanksliving is not a holiday....but a way of life....


My parents watching their grandson play basketball.

BIL...I how countless number of pictures of him sound asleep on the floor. 

College friends just hanging out...such a blessing~


~lunch with a life-long friend
~In-laws (loves)  sweet time spent together
~watching my niece play volleyball
~her team winning their conference championship
~brother and sister – in-love raking our yard for us…a true labor of love
~crossword puzzles together
~so thankful for google ☺
~watching my son play basketball
~ daughter-in-love riding to the game with us
~son bringing a bunch of college friends  home for the day
~beautiful fall day for everyone to come
~cooking for this crew
~a full weekend of people in our home
~God’s nearness
~on-line community
~ looking forward to Thanksgiving celebrations
~Ellie coming to town ☺

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  1. I can see where I have a bit of both women in my personality and practices. It's good to think about how they both needed in our faith walk. Thanks for bringing light to this new insight, Ro.

    1. Beth...thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  2. You speak to this so well, Ro. Yes I think we are both women most all the time. Thanks for taking this on in such a beautiful gentle way. Love to you, friend.

    1. Elizabeth...yes we need to be a good blend...blessings to you~

  3. So true, Ro:"“Love is the only root from which blossom both action and contemplation,"...yes, we all have our natural tendencies, but in Christ, He guides us in both...it is not forced, but a natural fruit of abiding in Him...always appreciate you :)

    1. Dolly...I loved that line too...nice to see you here...blessings~

  4. I love this, Ro -- I'm definitely a Marytha! Love the Divine Intimacy tie-in, drawing deeper into love and grace. A worthwhile endeavor!

    1. Susan...those writings ministered to me...I thought others might be blessed as well...thanks for stopping in~blessings~

  5. i love this. and i need to be rooted in this love. to remember my identity stems from him alone. bless you friend.

    1. Em...yes...in HIm alone...we all need to be reminded of this truth...blessings to you my friend~

  6. I so agree, my friend. We need both! :) He says...the greater thing is to sit at his feet. But then, as we sit at His feet, we can't help but get up and go and do! Wondering if all Martha ministry must stem from a Mary heart. First. At least that is my desire. And that is my wish. God has been sharing with me...Don't get up and write until you have sat at my feet first. I don't want my works to be out of my flesh. So, as I read this...I am reminded. Of where all life and breath...come from. Thank you!

    Turning off the computer. And going to sit! :)

    1. Jen...amen...may we all share out of our deep communion with Him...I hear this too...blessings to you and thanks for stopping in~

  7. This is truly wonderful! I tend to be a "doer" like Martha, but am learning (especially as a blogger) to sit and be a Mary! I love that I can be both! Thank you for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him! Blessings!

    1. Misty...I love that He longs for us to live abiding in His love...and out of this abiding...He bids us to do His will...so glad you dropped by...blessings~

  8. I like your take on this. Great quotes too! We can strike a balance between contemplation and action and experience the blending of both "in perfect harmony".

    P.S. Just found your blog and signed up to follow. :) Feel free to visit me anytime at findingtheinspiring.blogspot.com. Blesssings!

    1. Angel...thank you for following ...I will be by to visit you as well...blessings to you~

  9. I like this idea of the blending. So much of life is about balance, isn't it? Great list this week, children are such a blessing, no matter their age:)

    1. Christina...yes kids are...and I think like good wine...get better with age :) have a wonderful thanksgiving week~ blessigns~

  10. I love those ladies, Ro---Mary and Martha. I always wish I was more "Martha-ish." I have stayed at home with my kids and I used to pray, "Lord let me love laundry and cleaning toilets. Create in me a the desire to can food! Ha!" I did those things. I just didn't LOVE them. (Only strawberry jam made it in the canning jars.) I have sat like Mary and I have had to give myself a little break on my guilt trip about not being Martha enough. Marytha sounds like a good plan. I have two loads of laundry to fold right now and I haven't made the bed--yet :) But today would be the perfect day to build a fire in the fireplace and sit awhile...

    1. dea...I vote for the fire in the fireplace...yes...I think we have a natural bent...and we need God’s help to steer us to be more balanced...thanks for stopping by~ blessings to you and Have a Happy Thanksgiving~

  11. What handsome boys you have there! And I love seeing Patricia's photo here. I think that as I get older, it gets a little easier to discern when Martha or when Mary is called for. Thank you for sharing these wise quotes.

  12. yes I often think it is all just a matter of heart... I know plenty of church ladies back in the day who thought if they just "did" enough that made them good....
    However I think when you heart is charged by a Noble theme and you are empowered and following His direction it is all learning and sitting...if that makes sense.

  13. I do believe you're right on with this... we should serve, and we should study. Beautifully done!


  14. HI Ro,

    Left a comment already, but just wanted to say "HI" again...hope you had a fabulous time with your family. Hugs to you :)