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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Gift Of Rest

Be still and know that I am God…

And I got to do just that…
Spend a weekend…
In a quiet space…
No TV…
No cell service…
No internet…

Just sitting together…
With God…
Each other…
Letting our souls find rest…
And in this place…
God comes to bring more freedom…
Continuing to replace truth for lies…
Calling me on to more freedom in Christ.

We spend the mornings reading…

Watching God’s magnificent creation…

We drink in all His beauty…

I return home…
Ready in the stillness…
To let His Spirit continue to teach me His ways.

Jesus Calling yesterday...God Calling today...speaks of quiet rest...
“Rest more with Me. If I, the Son of God, needed those times of quiet communion with My Father,
away, alone, from noise, from activity-then surely you need them too.
Refilling with the Spirit is a need. That dwelling apart, that shutting yourself away in the very secret place of your being--away alone with Me.
From these times you come forth in Power to bless and heal".
God Calling

I pray we will all find ways to steal away with Him daily...
learn how to retreat amid the busyness ...
our very own secret place...
where we meet the Lover of our souls.


~massage to help my back
~2 youngest going to visit the oldest for the weekend
~hubby and I going to the cabin
~coffee on the porch
~humming birds
~reading together
~heart to heart sharing
~God’s Spirit…always at work
~He never leaves us to ourselves
~Rock Island
~laughter as I fell in the water
~making it back across the river after a rise in water
~a hubby who tends to my heart along with the Lord
~just a lovely weekend together
~God’s love and faithfulness
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  1. Oh, Ro! You've got me reminiscing about a time my husband and I got away to a secluded cabin and just rested in the Lord. Now, I'm anxious to see if we can go back! I envy the time you had BUT so glad you got to go and be refreshed! :)

    1. my husband and I did this 6 years ago at this same place...such a gift. I hope you can return to your cabin too....blessings~

  2. I love the cabin! I love the pictures! I love how I felt I was whispering as I was reading this post:) I love how you pondered;)
    You are indeed blessed and I am blessed to know you!

    1. Kris...I do feel richly blessed...and I am thankful for the blessing of getting you know you as well~

  3. Oh it looks like a place my parents have done there... it's like waterfall city in that state, isn't it?
    the hummingbirds are great!
    Glad you rested up.

    1. T...yes...so many beautiful waterfalls...is your parents place in NC or Tn?

    2. TN...outside Nashville...a bit south.
      I thought I had better pics on my blog from our last trip... but just these of their waterfall:

  4. Feeling overwhelmed, I needed to read this. Peaceful photos. So glad you got away!

    1. Christina...sorry you are feeling overwhelmed...I pray you find a place to steal away with Him...even in the midst of all that swirls...~

  5. This was such a sweet blessing, *almost* like being right there. But not quite, because it filled me with longing! It's lovely right where I live, but it seems today, if we want to get such refreshment, we have to steal away to where we're cut off from internet, cell phones, TV, all that stuff. Thanks for sharing this blessing!

  6. sylvia...being cut off from it all is so wonderful...and now...how to keep it all from creeping in too much...thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  7. Oh, I love to store up posts like these to remind me that to be connected to the world is so much less filling than to be connected to God.

    1. Oh Jen...you said it well...so much less filling...blessings as we continue to cultivate that connection with God...blessings~

  8. Rejoicing with you for time alone with God and your hubby, and how restorative it is to your soul...Thank you for sharing the beauty with us via your photos...xo, Ro :)

    1. Dolly...glad to see you hear...blessings to you~

  9. Ells thak you droppig by my blog. What wonderful weekend. Transported me right there especially with the photos. Love the humming birds. So many things to be thankful for ... loved your list especail the one that hubby tends as the Lord. What a blessing.

    1. Beth...so glad you stopped by...blessings to you~

  10. Beautiful. That butterfly is so pretty!

    1. Tammy...don’t you just love butterflies?? thanks for stopping in...blessings~

  11. Beautiful words and photos! (my current blog post has to do with hummingbirds and rest, too!) God is good! Thanks for sharing your joys!

  12. Oh, beauty. Such a gift to pause together this way. I've been thinking a lot about rest. Funny how thinking about resting in God can be restful :). Would be better to get away to a waterfall.,,