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Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday...Connection

 Join me today and all the fun at Five Minute Fridays.

In the deepest part of every woman is a desire to feel connection…
deep connection.
This is our blessing….but also can be a bit of a curse.
This desire given by God is what I believe helps us more easily than men develop a more intimate relationship with God.
We carry this desire into our marriage…challenging the status quo. 
A woman’s heart is what pulls the family together…
the engine behind having“family night”…
helping the family function as a peaceful unit. 
Connection also calls us to find deep fellowship with others.  
The world would be a very disconnected, independent place without our God given ability to bring those we love and the world we love to live more connected.

But this gift from God can tarnish in our hands…
we grab hold of this…and raise it up as an idol. 
When this connection isn’t happening in our lives…
whether husband, family or friends…
we can be driven to make it happen.
we can start demanding…manipulating to make it happen.
We can let this rob of our joy and peace.

So I pray we will entrust this desire given by God…into His hands…
and connect first and foremost to God….
building intimacy with Him.
Then no matter if we are living a full connected life…
or going through a time of desert existence…
we can walk in peace and contentment.


  1. Oh yes and Amen! This post here just confirms the break I want to take next week. Thank you for writing it. I will take it with me :)

  2. Beautiful photo and true words. I have found myself frustrated lately at this deep desire of mine to make real connections with other women, but the lack of the ability of other women to get to a "real" level with me. You are right, I need to focus on God to fill this need that He knows He made in me. I love your writing!

    Megan @ wwwsunshinethroughthewindows.blogspot.com

  3. So true. Well said. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Oh, yes, sweet sister! So love this. I read this gratefully, asking Him for open hands, more trust . . and an open heart. Bless you this weekend!

  5. Amen! Such truthful words that need to be headed.

    ~ Visiting from the 5 Minute Friday link-up ~