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Monday, August 13, 2012

A Generous Heart

I hear His voice of love…
Whisper to me…”live with a generous heart.’
What comes to mind first?  Money.
In many ways, money may be the easiest of all ways to live generously…
Giving money can be done without really cutting too deep into our lives.

God is digging deeper…
Right into the heart of the matter…
A true giver lives generously with their whole selves
 Giving not just our money……but our time… our hearts...our all.
Living a generous life...can be a hidden life...
a bounty that flows from the unseen...
a quiet choosing in our thoughts...
a silent honoring of others … 
choosing to believe the best…
charitably forgiving those around us…
pouring out mercy and grace.

A person with generosity in their heart ...  
Is unselfish with their time…
Giving of ourselves when it is not convenient.
 But joyfully serving our husband …children…parents…
And those that come across our paths…

God wants to work generosity from the inside out…
Asking us to be faithful in small ways…
So when it is time to give… to really give in a big way…
In a way that costs us...
Whether with time, forgiveness or money…
We will do so cheerfully and extravagantly …
Because this is how He gives to us.

Continuing to count all His gifts to me…

~stretching faith
~hearing God’s whispers
~God bringing confirmation
~lunch with my dad
~a good report
~massage  chair for my back
~PT son who works on my back
~God speaking sweetly to a hurting friend through a children’s Bible story
~sweet lunch with a friend
~a friendship that survives the fire
~10 teenage boys…the house in one pieceJ
~learning to release more deeply
~beautiful weather
~cooler temperatures
~opportunity for my heart to be stretched…transformed
~God enabling His Children to Love with His Love
~oh ,the Grace

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  1. Hi Ro,

    I have been out of the blogging world for a while now-even when I write, I'm just not visiting much. I am so glad to be able to connect with you again sweet friend. What you wrote today stirs my heart in a way that is hard to describe--this weary, wounded heart of mine. I long to understand grace enough to pour out when I am wounded. And the reason your words stir--your words don't preach "do this, do that, be more--then you will have peace"--I feel the peace in your words, a calling, a plea, a wooing unto Him, a knowing that it's in the silence where the truly miraculous happens--{its not in the buzz of blogging, twitter and facebook}. This is what truly motivates people and changes hearts. Thank you for writing this way. Love you, (((Ro)))

    1. Nacole...your words bless me more than you could know...I was just thinking about dropping you a quite email...just to say Hi...((hugs)) and continued prayers...so happy to see you hear...He loves you so much...just take one step at a time with Him...His grace will carry you each step of the way...love you my friend~

  2. Oh this is lovely. So beautiful.
    And YES -- He gets right to the heart of the matter.
    And even though it hurts, I am SO GLAD He does.

    1. Meredith...even when it hurts...His “wounds” lead to healing...so thankful for His grace. thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  3. Beautiful words of encouragement!

    1. Wendy...thanks...glad you dropped in...have a blessed day~

  4. Lovely words! 10 teenage boys and the house intact...I'm impressed!! :-)

    1. mary...yes...they were a blessing to have...my daughter is waiting for her turn for a group of girls to come...ummm...they actually will be more rambunctious than they guys:) blessings to you~

  5. Savoring your words today, friend.
    And this: "God wants to work generosity from the inside out…" I'm going to linger on a little longer.

    beautiful. . .

    thank you!!

    1. nikki...so glad you came by...we can walk this walk together as we allow the inner places to be conformed...letting the outer actions be formed from there...blessings~

  6. I have areas of my life where giving is easy and then there are areas where my giving resembles Scrooge! You are so right, Ro, we need to expand our view of giving and let God take us out of our comfort zone--to die to ourselves and live for Him. I will take this challenge and use it today!

    1. beth...I have been miserly myself...this is why he speaks this to me...I am blessed if it can help other as well. blessings to you today~

  7. Excellent! Being generous with money might be the easiest way out at times. Being generous with my time? Now that requires sacrifice on my part! May I be more willing.

    1. Lisa...Time is so valuable and sometimes way too guarded on my part...learning and growing with you...thanks for stopping by~

  8. Oh, a house full of 10 boys and it's still standing? Yesterday, only 3 boys and a bunch of nerf bullets made me feel like I was living in a war zone! LOL - but what a blessing. I am loving this weather, too! I think heaven must be around 78 degrees! Your definition of generosity - a generosity of spirit - we are on the same page. I do not understand people who hoard their love and time - when God creates hearts that can love as many and as much as they dare!

    Wishing you a blessed week!

    1. Maryleigh, oh yes...3 boys can bring a lot of energy for sure...I must say... I must confess...I was a person who did not live generously in many ways...especially in those hidden ways...the ways of Love...I am thankful for His grace toward me...He is changing my heart and i know there is more room for growth...glad to see you here...blessings to you~

  9. It is always easier to give money than our whole selves. It's less personal and detached. We get less dirty by the messes of other people's lives that way. Thanks for this encouragement to truly give. And what I wouldn't give for my own personal back adjuster to come to my house:)

    1. Crhistina...a person back adjuster is wonderful for sure...thanks for stopping in...blessings~

  10. Your words are so rich in wisdom and truth. They beautifully illustrate the things the Lord has been speaking to my heart. This being faithful in the small.
    Your list is lovely - a thankful heart.

    1. Linda...those small, hidden choices...I am seeing the huge value in those...thanks for taking the time to stop by...have a blessed day~

  11. Your post touched my heart and encouraged me to pray for a generous soul.

    1. Elizabeth...I am thankful if God can use what He is speaking to my heart to encourage someone else...thanks for saying so...blessings~

  12. i love this - i need the reminder to examine....and yourlist, as always, make sme smile!

    1. Kendal...God is faithful...He comes with His gentle reminders to us all...glad you stopped by...blessings to you~