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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Great I Am is more than enough

Mike Mason says, “Expectations can be defined as…
“premeditated resentments.”

I lived with expectations most of my life…expectation of myself…
therefore expectations of others and of God
When my life was dictated by expectations.
I live in a dark kingdom ruled by “not enough.”
In this land…no matter what was given…what was done…
no matter the words…they were never enough.  
I was never enough…never did enough…loved enough…the list could go on and on…
until He came and won me over to His love…
His love that says I am enough…I am enough …
and when I really knew He was enough…
I no longer had to be enough and either did those around me.
When He became enough....
My living with expectations was replace with living in expectancy…
Expectancy He will be enough.
expectations had hard immovable edges…
edges that did not give room for all the enough of who He is to full the moment.
But expectancy gives freedom to each moment…
 to become whatever God intends for it to be.
expectancy is filled with joyful anticipation …
allows God to be free to be the King of each moment of each day.
and in each moment The Great I am is more than enough.

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  1. Visiting from Lisa Jo's today! What a beautiful post and reminder that our only expectations should be in Him! Have a great tomorrow!

    1. Barbie...you have a great day yourself...thanks for stopping in...blesssings~

  2. I love this Ro. This quote, at the top, : "Expectations can be defined as…
    “premeditated resentments.”
    Wow. How true I have found this to be in my own life... I appreciate your wisdom, your beautiful friendship... XXOO

    1. Kris...I appreciate you my friend as well...have a great weekend...and may we live free from those expectations that rob us of enough~

  3. YES! I'm so glad you spoke of expectations vs expectancy -- that's what mine is lacking as I ran out of time ;)

    Striving with you...because I know it in my marrow. He is more than enough.

    Hugs to you, friend--enjoy your weekend!

    1. Nikki...just the change in the spelling of those 2 words helped change so much in my life....hugs and a good weekend to you too my friend~

  4. Yes He is, and I am SO thankful!

    Megan @ wwwsunshinethroughthewindows.blogspot.com

  5. Beautiful my friend. Drinking in His grace today with you.

  6. I have been so blessed by today's posts on "enough." Yours is no exception. Walking this journey with you...

  7. Wow! Very interesting take on enough...expectations can be killer, but expectancy~anticipation, watching, waiting~freedom.
    Well said.
    Keep up the God work.

  8. so true...once we truly understand that we are worth...that He finds us worth it... we can finally rest in the Truth that He has us... and our only expectation needs to be that HE will provide.