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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fixing Our Eyes

“It is not hard to spot quilt-ridden faith, for it is full of anxiety, nagging words like…”finding God’s will…loving our neighbor, grieving the spirit.
This faith is neurotically preoccupied with its own performance…
power and holiness or lack thereof.
 A bad rating doesn’t cause us to love more, but try harder…
not to fix our eyes on Jesus but to examine itself more… worst of all…
it always spills over into an autonomic, judgmental attitude toward others.
The real root of religious hypocrisy is unresolved guilt...
and this is the active agent in all legalism.” 
 The Gospel According to Job by Mike Mason

Years ago this quote would have been an apt description of my faith….
But praise be to God…He is bringing freedom.
As my husband and I ran today…
With sweat pouring down…
I proclaimed…I am done with fear…
Done with guilt…
Done letting it paralyze me…
My eyes are turned away from me…
Fixed on Him…the Author and Perfector of my faith…
Trusting He can lead me…
Leaving my “grit-your-teeth” kind of faith behind.
Abiding in His Love…resting in His grace.

"Instead of trying to ‘fix' yourself...
Fix your gaze on Me, the Lover of your soul.
Rather than using your energy to judge yourself…
Redirect it to praising me.
Remember that I see you clothed in My righteousness…
Radiant in My perfect Love."
 Jesus Calling

Continuing to count with words and pictures all His graces….

Kitchen pong is the name of the game...different degrees of difficulties...
getting the ball in the cup using only their feet or head.
3 hrs to complete the 3 levels...boys will be boys:)
Like father like son..
Everyone who comes to the house has to guess the plates. Many years ago,
each child made me a plate for my birthday. No one has ever guessed
them all correct...not even me when they gave them to me:)
Oh, and just because she is so adorable...


   ~son passing his boards... a full -fledged Physical Therapist
 ~healthy little one born
~easy fix for son’s foot
~grace to stop and help in a bad situation
~kids gathering in the room at night
~watching a young lady yield and grow
~continued wisdom
~greater revelation of the finished work of the cross
~amazing grace
~God taking us out of our comfort zone
~grace to go into an old ,painful territory
~kids and in- loves family having a night of fun
~God’s peace for a woman facing cancer
~Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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  1. This is such an important subject, Ro. I love the line, "Instead of trying to fix yourself ... fix your gaze on Me." I will try to remember that today! Great words!

    1. Beth...how I have exhausted myself trying to fix myself...love when He sets us from from that bondage...blessings to you today~

  2. That last quote is wonderful! Enjoyed your list of gifts. Looks like a good time was had at your house. :)

    1. Tammy...thanks for stopping in today...have a blessed day~

  3. You are right, too often our faith becomes about what we can do, not about what He has already done and will do. Thanks for this reminder of grace!

    1. Christina...oh I am a recovering doer...I need this reminder myself. blessings to you~

  4. Sweet baby... love her little innocence and rosy cheeks.

    1. Yes...so sweet and just those edible cheeks...thanks for stopping in...blessings~

  5. Oh, yes, this is wonderful, Ro. this: "full of anxiety, nagging words like…”finding God’s will…loving our neighbor, grieving the spirit. This faith is neurotically preoccupied with its own performance…power and holiness or lack thereof." and i could quote the whole thing--yes, the worst part being how it spills over into our judgement of others without us realizing that is what is happening to us...i have thought this for a long time now. but we have to be reminded over and over.

    and oh, yes, Ro, how absolutely amazing it would have been had we been in Destin at the same time! i didnt think to tell you i was going, because it was last minute thing, but if our dates had been aligned, that would have been such a blessing! such joy wells up in me at your words. love you.

    1. Nacole...yes that would have been very sweet...glad you got a little vacation...destin is so pretty. blessings to you~

    2. Ro, i wanted to thank you--because i didnt say what was really in my heart--why do we do that? just to still my heart for a moment and say oh thank you, friend, for your encouragement here on your blog--your steadying words that are like a lighthouse--God uses you in my life mightily. because i needed to hear this--how it convicts my heart and turns it to Christ--you continually remind me that this Christian walk is not one of merits and score-keeping, but one of grace and beauty!! im going to start that real letter to you soon. love you. xo

  6. Love, love the whole thing about letting go of guilt and fixing our eyes on Him instead of fixing ourselves..it is all about Him..I stand in awe over and over that I am still alive, based on my tumultuous young adulthood..it is all His mercy..He wasn't gonna let my life end in that mess..He rescued me out of pure love..because He could and He wanted to..all Him..and I am so thankful and shocked that in my utter denial of Him, He didn't let go..now I am just trying to be wrapped up in Him, happy in Him and I love how you write and capture blessings with words and photos..thank you so much for visiting my blog!!!

    1. Bonnie...so glad you stopped by...Oh yes...He never leaves us...2tim.1:12...He guard what we give until that day...thanks for sharing your heart here...blessings~

  7. Just love these words.."Leaving my “grit-your-teeth” kind of faith behind. Abiding in His Love…resting in His grace." Oh, the rest we find in grace. This cease from striving kind of faith. This giving up, wind blown, trusting kind of faith. I long for it all the more...the older I get! Love the baby photo too friend! She is absolutely precious!! Hugs, Jen

  8. Amen and Amen. Our lives are so rich...pay it forward.
    Keep up the God work.

  9. Rejoicing in your new found freedom.