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Monday, June 18, 2012

His Ocean of Love

Our journey moves through seasons of life...
Each season gives us gifts to be treasured. 
During some seasons gifts are buried…
These treasures have to be dug for…but there are always jewels to be found.
There are other seasons when gifts abound all around…
Counting them is like trying to number the sands on the beach.

Each morning as I sat in God’s beautiful sanctuary…

I was reminded of this…
 “...may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” (Ephesains3: 18-20)

As I gazed out over the ocean, God whispered in my ear…
”This is what My Love looks like…so wide and so deep you can never exhaust it…
Always faithful like the waves…My Love continually washes over you…
And just like the waves…My Love never stops …never pauses.
Sometimes My Love feels slow and gently like the waves that lap upon the shore…
And sometimes My Love feels violent and angry like the waves in a storm…
But this is My Love too…all the “waves” in life come out of the depths of My Love.”

God’s immeasurable Love washed over my family this week…
The guys ministering in Arizona…the woman at the beach.  
The gifts are too many to number them all…
But here are some of the gifts He lavished upon us.

A week of all this adorableness...she was a little trooper.

 A week long celebration of my youngest turning 16...what a blessing to spend a week with all these amazing young ladies...I am richly blessed.

First blog friendship meet up...these two Amy’s met through a infertility blog...
both have babies one month apart...
one waiting for the adoption to be final.

The guys serving the Navajo community...they did manual labor...
and ran a basketball camp.

They also got to take in God’s beauty...having devotionals looking over canyons...
and doing some hiking...those specks on top of the rocks are my sons...
it is probably best momma wasn’t there:)

3 of the 4 Elliott men came back all burly:)


~safe travels for everyone
~mornings spent in God’s sanctuary
~the ocean breeze
~a week with Ellie
~seeing her love the ocean…the pool
~waking up every morning to see her sweet smiles
~a week with my daughters and daughter in love
~wonderful conversations…opening up of hearts
~teachable hearts
~mark and I talking each morning over coffee…in 2 different locationsJ
~aloe vera
~Jesus calling speaking straight to my daughter’s heart
~a week of birthday celebrations for my daughter’s 16 birthday
~her feeling God’s love and His kisses on the cheek…all the sweet little gifts
~her reaching 2000 gifts of counting
~window seat at the restaurant overlooking the ocean
~God meeting and directing every detail of the guys trip
~a gift to me from a Navajo woman.
~celebrating Father’s day with my dad
~everyone back home
~a husband who gives our kids a beautiful picture of their ABBA FATHER
~sleeping again in his arms.
~God’s endless, boundless Love

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  1. His love is like the ocean waves--I love that! Strong, powerful, relentless, constant. Beautiful pictures! You were in our home state and now I'm in yours:)

    1. oh sweet...where in Tennessee are you?

  2. Beautifully written! Wonderful photos.

    1. Tammy...thanks so much for stopping by~blessings

  3. We can never exhaust Him....I still cannot fathom that but am SOOOO grateful to know that. believe that. experience it!
    Beautiful, amazing time you had! thank you so much for sharing some of that joy with us ; )

    1. Nikki...I could not look at the ocean all week and not think of the vastness of His love...thanks for dropping in...blessings to you~

  4. Everything about this just made me smile, smile, smile!

    I've never seen the ocean. Hope to one day.

    1. oh my...destin is not too far from kentucky...I think your spirit will soar when you do...they way God is working in your life right now...it maybe sooner than later:)
      blessings to you~

  5. Ro! it's so good to hear from you! i will write soon. i enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family--especially sweet Ellie--so adorable in her swimsuit--she def looked like a trooper in the sun! and your boys on top of that canyon wall! oh my!!! it looks like they had one adventure--they will never forget those memories--what a bond they share. you are a blessed woman! "so wide and so deep you can never exhaust it"--loved that. love you.

    1. Nacole...thanks dear...yes I continue to pray that you know His Love for you is so wide and deep...never, never can it be exhausted. xoxox

  6. Love the pics and the passion your family shares, Ro. We are blessed to see all that God is doing in and through your family. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    1. Beth...my cup runneth over...thanks for stopping in...blessings to you~

  7. what a living and powerful image of His love in the waves...what a gift to have that time with your girls and DIL...and Ellie...oh my - all that adorableness! Sounds like the men had a great trip, too! Made me smile and rejoice with you, Ro :)

    1. Dolly...thanks for sharing in my joy...it blesses me~

  8. oh, i love the thought that some gifts are just buried.... and all of those pictures?? so much beauty you have captured here!!

    1. Tara...oh yes...and I have done my share of digging...so glad you stopped by...blessings~

  9. Fabulous thanksgiving! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my gratitude post!

    1. Elizabeth...thanks for dropping in...both of us enjoying our grandbabies...what a joy. blessings to you~

  10. oh my goodness.... so much wonderfulness I can barely stand it.
    so great...and those baby smiles are awesome.
    I am surprised you all came home.

    1. Oh if we could have shipped the men there...I could have stayed a long...long...time:) good to see ya:) blessings~

  11. what a wonderful memory! beautiful pictures - love this! hope you are well!!!

    1. Kelli...just thinking about you today...nice to see you and i hope to get over to your place soon...it has been awhile. blessings to you~

  12. you have experienced the riches of His goodness in place, in the community of your family. Oh my! Love the photos and the way you went separately and were filled up by being together. I'm not sure if you got my reply to your most recent comment on my blog but I want you know what a gift your words are to me. That one in particular and the one you left at Kim's place when I guest posted, I have copied as keepsakes. They felt like words from God right to my soul. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness, your prayers, your encouragement. You are truly a gift to me Ro.

    1. Shelly...your words humble me...they bless my soul and I am honored that my words could be used to encourage you in anyway. thank you for taking the time to share your sweet heart with me...these are a gift to me as well...blessings~

  13. Happy Birthday to your sweet sixteen year old. Where does time go? Love all the pictures of your precious family- joy just radiates from your clan :) Have a great week.

    1. Alicia...yes it does go so fast...she is the youngest of the 5...i must say I did rejoice to think it was my last trip to the DMV...thanks for dropping in...blessings to you~

  14. First of all thank you for that incredibly sweet comment on my blog. I only had time to read two entries here for now, but I wanted to day how they blessed me and how that sweet little baby in her sunglasses made all of us laugh with delight here. Have a wonderful week!