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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Face of God

I had been blind for too long…my vision was too narrow…
I looked at the world around me…but I did not see.
Seeing is a verb…an action word.
Seeing requires an active engagement to the world around me.
I blindly stumbled over all the beauty around me…
the rising and setting of the sun…flowers blooming in all their array of colors…
the blue skies…but sadly and most importantly I didn’t see…
really see God most beautiful creation…His children.
By His grace my eyes are starting to see…
actively see each person I am with …
my child who needs my attention…the store clerk…
the ladies and men who sell the papers on the corner…
learning to be fully engaged in each conversation.
Because don’t we all just really want to know we are seen…
first and foremost by God.
 But when we look into each other eyes…
this just maybe be the closest we come to seeing the face of God.

Genesis 16:13
She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.


  1. I love that verse you ended with . . . and yes, by His grace we keep learning to see more and more!


    1. Loni...Yes that verse is a comfort...blessings to you~

  2. Beautiful! Great reminder that seeing is an action verb! So glad to have read your words here on 5 Minute Friday!.

    1. Lindsey...so glad you stopped by...happy Friday to you~

  3. "Because don’t we all just really want to know we are seen…" Yes. This, this is so true. May we be the hands and feet of Jesus to each other, all of us sisters in Christ. Beautiful!

    1. Jacque...oh yes...to be ever mindful we are HIs hand and feet to those around us...blessings and have a wonderful weekend~

  4. Beautiful. Yes. This may be the closest we come to seeing the face of God...love this thought!

    1. How easily I forget...we are created in His image...we are the most beautiful part of His creation...so glad you stopped by...blessings~

  5. Visiting your blog for the first time from 5 minute Friday. I love your writing style, this was beautiful! Thank you for reminding me to truly see.


    1. Shari...your words bless me...writing is not my gift as so many wonderful bloggers here...so thanks for the encouragement...blessings as He teaches us to see~

  6. As I was reading this I thought ... "like looking into my children's eyes" and you said it :) and that verse I just read this week. I loved it!

    And I am with you on this learning to see, and it has so much to do with relationships -- everything to do with relationship.

    Only by grace... Thank you, again. You stand as such a strong example for me... blessings to you :)

  7. So true - beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder.

  8. So true - beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder.

  9. what a beautiful reminder to open our eyes so we can TRULY see...this is lovely. Thank you!

    Thanks also for stopping by my place.