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Monday, April 2, 2012

Treasured Memories.

This week has been a week of recovery.  We have been traveling to the national home school basketball tournament for 10 yrs. and each year I am a little bit older…
and  each year I am little more exhausted. 
Even though the week can be exhausting…I will treasure the sweet memories made….

Watching my son finish strong….

Watching my daughter continuing to grow as a player and as a person…

Thrilled to have 8 straight days with granddaughter Ellie…

This is my favorite way to watch a game:)
And this is Ellie's favorite way to be at a game:)

Oh, and of course, my daughter Amy…

Being the oldest sibling in a family has its challenges…but when you are the oldest of 5 with a huge age span (29 to 15)…this even makes this roll more unique.  There are 11 years between Amy (29) and Christopher (18).  Amy was thrilled to have a baby brother and  in many ways she was like a second mother to him.  
She watched most of his “firsts” with as much joy as I did…
She watched and cheered for him all along his basketball trek…
so she and Ellie traveled 10 hrs. (7 of those with me) to celebrate this milestone. 

Such a sweet connection between these two J

~Seeing God’s thumb prints
~birds praising
~coffee shop blogging
~God’s provision for those in need
~getting the house clean
~new contact lens
~answered prayers
~encouragement in the mail
~peace for the day
~learning to gently yield to disappointments
~trusting God’s love
~back to Saturday morning breakfast with hubby
~Sunday with friends
~getting the invitations done for my parents 60th anniversary.
~son coming home for dinner
~him sharing his heart with us...an extra treasure when they are older.

Let’s count our blessings together @Ann’s…and  come be encouraged at Jen’s


  1. Oh
    Your family is like a crown!
    everyone so beautiful...
    the baby so deee-lish!
    How do you not walk around just beaming all the time!

  2. Thanks T...yes I am so very grateful for God's goodness to us:) Blessings~

  3. what a beautiful family. Wuch tremendous gifts counted here! Love seeing this glimpse of you, my friend.

  4. Your children are beautiful and what fun memories they will have of this yearly tradition. "Yielding to disappointments" something I need to learn:) Great list, thanks for sharing your blessed life!

  5. Thanks for letting us catch a glimpse into the special moments you treasure with your beautiful family, Ro. I totally get the special bond that can form between very distant siblings. My sister is 9 years older than me and my brother 14 years older. But I've really appreciated the age difference through the years and the unexpected blessings that it often brings.

  6. What a beautiful family, Ro! And such a memorable time...so thankful you shared a bit of it with us!
    (love being neighbors today)

    all for Him,

  7. 8 straight days of all that cuteness?? how did you stand it! too much beauty right there :) and those sibling relationships, just beautiful watching now the fruit of adult-children stepping into their life as peers and friendship. what a beautiful reflection of your gifts!

  8. Kris..thanks for stopping by....Blessings~

    Christina...I am learning with you my friend...blessings to you~

    Beth...I love hearing your experience...that encourages me...blessings~

    Nikki...yes sweet neighbors today...thanks for coming to share with me:)

  9. Tara...oh it was almost more than I could take in:) it is a blessing to see relationship transition as they grow. blessings~

  10. What a treasure to see the bond between siblings and now with sweet Ellie (too too adorable!)...celebrating the joy with you, Ro...so special :)

  11. Dolly...thanks for stopping by to celebrate...blessings to you~

  12. Oh Ro, I'm overwhelmed by the sweetness of your family! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your heart!

  13. Jacque...thanks so much...I feel richly blessed...blessings to you~

  14. Hi thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I read your about me. You have suffered quite a bit of loss, I am so sorry. I started my blog in FEB. When my sixth child was stillborn. What a sweet grand baby! I love the basketball pics really wonderful. I would be interested to read any post on your loss of grief. So happy to have found you!

  15. Oh Tesha...what a heart break...I pray your heart continues to heal...thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  16. Ro,

    oh, this. is. beautiful! T is right--your family is a crown. oh your son and daughter, so strong! so brave! you have done well as a mother to have raised them the way you have. i know your daughter must be so in love with God to be as young as she is, heart so pliable, listening to your every word on motherhood as you talk to her. what a blessing. and learning to gently yield to the disappointments--something God needs to work in me--thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet words there. i am so glad you shared these pictures from your trip with us! i will try to write you tomorrow. love you!

  17. We have those big age spans, too - and tonight at a middle school soccer game, I think when I have finished with all school sports - it will be 20 years of this - and though I get more tired - I would not change the blessings of it for anything.

    Your family is simply beautiful - and congrats on the new baby:) My DIL was homeschooled all the way, did ballet - and they just had baby girl in January.

    I love how girls add that nurturing, family bonding to the sibling relationship. Boys aren't as natural at that:(

  18. What a beautiful family!!! This post is especially encouraging to me because my son was 9 when my second child was born, 10.5 when my third child was born, and he will be 12.5 when the child I'm carrying, now, is born.