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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As Christ Loves the Church...

This is the first time I have linked up with marriage letters. The prompt was loss and I knew I needed to write. So join me and others @ Joy in This Journey as we write love letters.

Dear Mark,
Thirty-one years ago when we stood hand and hand pledging our love…making those binding vows… we had no idea the all roads we would travel.

Along with the joy and laughter, there have been tears, pain and losses.
We have known the sorrow of losing 4 babies to heaven without holding them in our arms…we have walked through the fires of deep fellowship failure…loss of job…near loss of life and others…but where your love shined the brightest was with the loss of my health.

You married a girl full of energy (maybe too much at times)  and how we loved  being active together…running, tennis, hiking …well, anything outdoors.

After the birth of our third…the bottom fell out…the chronic fatigue of lupus set in. You remember those days when I could barely get out of bed…when no matter how many hours I slept, my body demanded more. I could not longer be the wife and the mother I once was.

You, my love, served me…you loved me like Christ loves the Church…you laid down your life for me.  There is not enough room to list all the ways you served…but on the top of my list is the unconditional love you exhibited to me. Never…Never did I feel any pressure from you…never did I sense self-pity for all you had to endure too…you never made me feel guilty (I had enough for the both of us.) You, my lover, remained faithful through all those years... when so many nights, intimacy was just your arms of love around me.

Through the loss of those years due to illness, I learned of God’s unconditional love for me. God knew I needed a tangible way to experience His love…and that was (and still is) you.

You think you did nothing out of the ordinary…for you that maybe true. Your life has always been one of humility, love and grace…you were doing what was natural to you…just not natural to most.

I know we rejoice together...God’s mercy came and healed…reclaimed the loss...restored the "locust-eaten" years.

Words will always fail to tell you how much I love and treasure you…how thankful I am to God that He blessed me with a man like you. 

We have lived a lot in these 31 yrs.…No matter what the next 30 or so years hold, I know we will continue to hold on to Christ and hold on to each other.

More love than words can express,


  1. SOOOO thankful to have been raised by such great examples of a Godly marriage! Dad was unbelievably Christ-like in his words and actions!! But Mom, you helped him too, and us kids, as you fought, tooth and nail, to get a Heavenly perspective of the situation.

    Could NOT have asked for a better set of parents! Outside my salvation, Jared, and Ellie, you two are my greatest gifts... followed by the siblings you gave me!:)

    Much Love!

    1. wow...I have no words...I love you~~

  2. What a beautiful picture of love during the hard times. I loved all the pictures of you at the end.

    1. Glenda...thank you...thanks for stopping by~

  3. I don't know either of you, but this made me cry. Beautiful.
    Catherine Denton

    1. Catherine...~sigh~...thanks for stopping by~

  4. Ro, this made me cry tears of joy. oh, what a blessing. thank you for this soul-drenching reminder today. in a day of fog, you shined God's light on my heart--thank you, dear friend.