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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Counting as I go...

Counting as I go…
Leaving for a week of basketball games…

Celebrating the closing of this chapter in my son’s life…
One door closing…only to start walking through the next one…
Through the joys and sorrows…
I will still be on the hunt…
Keeping my senses open to all around me…
Ready to count the gifts…both the hidden and the obvious…
And the counting will keep my eyes on Him…
Remembering what is truly important…
Letting go of the temporal …holding on things eternal…

Join me at Ann’s and Jen’s... and have a blessed week my friends.

To my wordpress friends…ugh…I don’t know if it is just me…but can’t leave comments on your blogs. I have tried all I know to do(this is pretty limited)…if anyone has any help…I would appreciate wise words here.

~growing pains
~birds singing
~God’s nearness
~memorizing with scripture typer…maybe this will help my old brainJ
~having to ask myself the hard questions
~moments when God comes to help me parent
~safe trip for Mark and the 2 kids
~making the trip with my daughter and Ellie
~Amy coming for the week to see her siblings play basketball
~a week with Ellie!!!!!!
~adjoing rooms


Days and days with all this adorableness:)


  1. Have a great time with your basketball trip! Enjoyed your list, especially God's nearness and asking the hard questions. So thankful for God's faithfulness. And about wordpress, I've had a few people tell me the same thing. I don't know why or how to change it:(

  2. Christina...thanks for stopping by...I hope it gets figured out...hate not being able to hi to you folks....blessings~

  3. Thanks for splashing me with God's goodness today. I hope you don't mind if I wade around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all good things.



  4. I like your line, "keeping my senses open to all around me ... ready to count the gifts ... both the hidden and the obvious." It's like an Easter egg hunt and we need to keep our eyes out for the prizes God leaves us everywhere! Love it, Ro!

  5. 2 months! How does this happen so quickly?? Oh, how many sweet moments make up those 2 months of a life. :) And I feel ya with standing at the cusp of your son's new adventures. Counting your blessings with you, friend :)

  6. Look at that little girly...so awesome...
    and what a bunch of athletes you have around there
    good for you...so healthy!
    ps...blogs have had problems ever since blogger did the upgrade a few weeks ago....it's causing problems everywhere...not cool...but most definitely not your problem.

  7. So wonderful when God shows up in the hard questions and in our parenting...wonderful list...oh, how precious, time with Ellie...giving thanks with you, Ro :)

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by...a quick check in after a day of traveling...ellie was a trooper...sweet to be with my daughter....just driving and talking...counting the gifts...blessings~

  9. That baby is adorable! Enjoy this time with your son. The seasons change way to fast.

  10. thanks Shanda...drinking it all up...sweet times...blessings~

  11. Hope you enjoy the time with your son.

  12. it is bittersweet when they grow up before our eyes!
    have fun this week!

  13. oh what a beautiful baby! have a lovely time, friend. xo