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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Holy Experience Indeed

A Holy Experience Indeed
It’s now be a little over a year…a year since I “stumbled” upon a Holy Experience…
and a holy experience it has been.
The blog world was very new to me…
I started bookmarking some favorites until my daughter introduced me to the Google reader…
I subscribed and daily I waited for Ann’s post…
for some manna for the day…
Then I saw the book…I had to find one…
Immediately, the rich truths on each page captured my heart….
The soil of my heart was ready…
ready to receive all the seeds of truth that pour off each page…
As soon as I finished the last page…I started again…reading…
rereading until I had soaked those seeds …
I watered those seeds as I ran…listening to Ann with her own voice…her very spirit…
I started to write…number 1….and now nearing 3000…
Counting has transformed….
counting awakened me to God’s love in ways I have never known…
Counting taught me to give thanks…in the smallest of ways…
when life is sunny and bright…when life is dark and rainy…
A thankful heart opened me wide…
now I can taste, see and feel God’s goodness in ways I never knew were possible.
The “good blessings” are taken in with much more depth…gratitude …joy…
Giving thanks…the hard eucharisto becomes the antidote for the bitterness that wants to take hold and choke out joy…choke out life.
Giving thanks showed me…
that I can be transformed into His likeness because I now know how to invite Him in…
opening wide the door to thanks…knowing He will redeem all things by His Love.
So one year later I finished my first thankful book…2731…
The counting continues…I believe for a lifetimeJ
A another shout out to Ann...

~ a new thankful book
~God’s sweet gifts throughout the day
~longsuffering love
~Holy Spirit that teaches
~hope that accompanies conviction
~springtime weather in Feb.
~God’s ministering to son during worship
~87yr.old parents who love to host a super bowl party
~a husband who speaks love and encouragement into my soul
~God’s timing
~God’s wisdom…
~redeeming power
~and of course…Ann Voskamp…a woman who pays a price to enrich others life.
Please join me as I link up with Ann and Jen…you will be blessed.

 Here’s a glimpse into my family…our year
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  1. So, so beautiful!!! You, your family, your heart - what joy!!!! XOX

  2. Thanks Patricia...we had a sweet year...years before had been somewhat difficult...this is one of those years that God just open the flood gates...blessings to you my friend...

  3. First off your site is so warm and SUNNY!! Love
    Second you have a sweet heart and a rich life.
    Blessings and thank you for sharing!

  4. Robin...your thoughts are sweet...thank you...thanks for stopping by with your encouraging heart...blessings to you...

  5. Yay! So glad you're back to posting:) This is so true. Counting gifts is transforming.

  6. Christina...taking on post at a time...it is good to be back...blessings to you...

  7. oops..that would be one post at a time:)

  8. What a beautiful family and you are beautiful leader in your tribe.
    I bet that little baby is just a warm love magnet these days.

  9. YeahT...I think others were having problems too...I will see how this works...thanks for the help. And yes...oh the magnetism that a new little has...will get to see her in a couple of days:) Blessings to you...

  10. Her book has changed me too. Perhaps its why its been on the NY Times best sellers list so long, can't help but be tranformed by her words. Rejoicing with you today for His goodness found in the discipline of counting gifts.

  11. shelly...yes..it has impacted so many lives...especially woman...i think it is a good revolution...one home at a time:)..blessings~

  12. What a beautiful family you have...rejoicing with you! Yes, giving thanks does really make a difference in one's heart and life...so wonderful:)

  13. Ells... what a lovely tribute to the great God we have! keep on counting!
    Blessings on your new year... I enjoyed your smilebox!

  14. dolly...thanks for stopping by...and keep counting:)

    fisherlady...yes...that is what I wanted sharing this to be...lifting up the Goodness of God...blessings to you...

    Rebecca...thanks for coming by...amen...this is why we count...blessings~

  15. It's amazing how thankfuls really can open us wide. As we give back, we receive more. As always, your words have touched my heart.

  16. I know exactly how you feel...as it was last February that I first found Ann, her book and the blogging community. And my life too, will never be the same! And I'm joining you in giving thanks for Ann, who she is and all she does, as she does pay a price to be such a life-changing blessing to people like you and me. Thanks for your friendship!

  17. And Oh MY!!! What a beautiful family you have been blessed with...I just love, Love, LOVED your pictures :) Thank you so much for sharing those! You inspire me and I look forward to the adult friendships with my kids like you have, even though the letting go is hard!

  18. Wow! Nearing 3000 in a year. That is impressive. I imagine that will change your life. Awesome!

  19. jacque...oh yes... friendships with adult children...such a sweet blessing from the Lord...gives me many thanks...Blessings as you count...

    Theresa...I was so surprised to see it myself...the book...giving thanks grabbed such a hold of my heart...cant' seem to be able to stop...thanks for stopping by...blessings to you...