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Monday, February 20, 2012

The hard Ecuharisteo

Oh, when the suffering of this world is all around….

Hard ecuharisteos…believing…the assurance of God is Good….

Still seeing God’s kindness in the midst of tragic circumstances…

The beauty of hearing the wounded one seeing God’s small gifts in the dark…

When my daughter brought Ellie to the house of grief…
She brought pure joy to the heart of the hurting…
Watching one after another hold little Ellie…
Ellie being salve to the wounds…

~seeing God’s provision
~God’s love that continues to reach out through rejection
~God's gift to my brother....5 days in the hospital...
~God’s spirit giving boldness to speak truth and love to my brother
~grace to leave the rest in God’s care
~opportunity to be with my friend through her grief
~connecting with old friends…
~finding fellowship of the Spirit with friends who walked different paths long ago
~Getting to stay with my daughter through the weekend…
~coming back to hold Ellie after long, hard days
~Ellie coming and bringing such love to the hurting
~driving safely through a short snow storm over the mountains
~arriving home safely
~sweet husband having happy flowers for me….

Little sweetness...5 weeks:)

Join me at Ann’s and Jen’s…always a blessing!


  1. The juxtaposition of joy and pain, certainty and questioning, giving and receiving, it's all here and you are thankful for all. It is the hard eucharisteo.

    But we must count them all, must we not? Or else, we have miscounted ~Ann

    Prayers for you,

  2. that baby is sooo your family (what little I have seen of them)...
    I am so glad you have come through your hard time...stronger and blessed.

  3. great quote from ann...so true...thanks for stopping by...

    T..oh she looks just like my daughter as a baby...it is so strange holding her...feels like I am going back 29 yrs...soooo sweeeet:)

  4. I absolutely love the picture of your granddaughter all dressed up. So sweet! God is gracious, helping us count all things, even the hard things. Thank you for sharing and counting it all. Blessings to your family.

  5. beautiful thanks even in hard things

  6. christina...isn't she just adorable...blessings to you~

    Wendy...so much for my friend to journey through...praying she finds complete rest in Jesus...thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  7. Grateful that God was with you and how Ellie could be a healing salve, and that God upheld you...blessings to you :)

  8. Our littlest blessings can bring such a big blessing to others. So sweet of you to have shared such a difficult subject, but so uplifting to hear how Ellie in her innocence can bless so mightily.

  9. Dolly...so thankful too...blessings to you...

    Kim... the pure love of a baby...nothing like it..thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  10. Oh, she's gorgeous. Such a gift.. new life. no words for how the tiny ones spur hope and happiness. Blessings! Thanks for stopping by the Overflow, too. So fun to meet you!

  11. Alicia...thanks for stopping by...blessings to you..