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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Authentic Compassion?

For these past few weeks, I have been writing on Love…some of what I write is from experience and some is from what the Lord and I are pondering together…but this week my heart has been really challenged…I am having to ask myself some hard questions…

Is my love…is my growing compassion authentic? Is God answering this prayer? I realize it is all a process and we can never exhaust learning how to walk in His love…but every so often it is good to have reality check…and that I did…

“It is a solemn thought that our love for God is measured by our everyday relationships wit others. Except as its validity is proven in standing the test of daily life with our fellowmen, 
our love for God my be found to be a delusion.” Andrew Murray

Compassion… a word talked about in the blog world…I have seen it beautifully walked out through the blog world…compassion for the poor, the orphan, the homeless.  I am so thankful I am being awakened…and I know I can feel compassion from a distance.  But do I up close?…do I when it is family?… do I when I see how addiction continues to blind?…do I even when witnessing all the choices of the past…all the pain these choices inflict on the family…when I watch someone over and over refuse God’s kindness? Do I feel compassion for one united so closely by earthly blood but so far away, not yet joined by the heavenly blood?

Here is the conflict…I am responsive to the needs of others…I will pray when someone asks for prayers…when Kristin writes her stories of the homeless…I pray…when the cry for prayers go out for someone’s salvation…I pray…but how long has it been since I have really prayed for the one so close to me…I mean really prayed for his healing…really prayed for his salvation…oh, I have had moments…but I must admit over the years…watching all the choices…seeing all the pain it caused loved ones…my heart has grown hard…not ruled by compassion.

There is a lot of history here…there were times of really being engaged in this life…but over the past years I have grown cold…maybe tired or thinking it was hopeless…I have chosen to look the other way…just like I used to with the other people in this world who could be marginalized.  Looking away is easier…not so costly...at least in the short term.

So when I felt this conflict…it made me stop…reflect and take a good honest look at myself…and I was found wanting…I am so thankful to God that His mercies are new every morning.  Because this morning I saw my lack…gave it to Jesus and will now let Him deepen His Love in me and make my compassion more authentic. 

So I took a baby step…made a phone call…15 days sober…maybe still not turning to God in the struggle…but I know God will meet him in the midst of the struggle…and work His compassion into me.

Would you lift a prayer with me  for healing...wholeness...salvation?

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  1. Dear Lord... you know the hearts of men... you love this person even more then Ells does... You love them as they are your greatest love. We ask as more then two or three gathered that You would send people into this life to speak your Truth right into their heart.
    I thank you for the ability to pray with others...to join together in a prayer for souls.
    Thank you...and thank you for my friend here...show her your deep Love for her...show her how you see her willingness...how you don't count her faults...How you love her Lord, just show her your Love.

  2. T...thank you dear friend...treasure these prayers...blessings to you...

  3. Thank you for your true and sincere words here. Prayers are being lifted. And I love that God is meeting him there - even at 15 days sober - and God will continue to meet him and draw him. It's so hard in our humanness in the waiting, wanting, and wishing. Prayers friend.

  4. Alene...thank you...and blessings to you...

  5. Your desire for more compassion sparks the same in me. May we all see--really see--the hurts and joys of others, and feel with them there.

    Praying for you, praying for all of us, to have more of the heart of Jesus.

  6. God has brought me a long long way and continues to stretch an grow me as I learn to find compassion when it is most difficult - when it hurts to dig in and show love instead of giving in to "feelings" of the moment and frustrations - our homefront is where we must practice this godly compassion first - only then is it authenticated out in the world- otherwise it seems to be just a show. Lord help me love first - right here where I am - every day! thank you for sharing ells! hope you are well- think of you often!

  7. Lisa...praying with you here...blessings to you...

    Kelli..oh yes...right where we live first...I tell my kids this all the time...if we can't live it here than are we really living it elsewhere...God is so faithful to show the log...thanks for stopping by...

  8. I so appreciate your honesty and working through things here in this space. I think we can all relate to hardening ourselves to others. May we all pray for softened hearts to love the unloveable.

  9. Christina...amen...pray that prayer with you...blessings~

  10. Compassion is so hard to drum up on our own, but with Christ it can overflow. It sounds as if you're tapping into the source of all true love, ells. As always, a great, thought-provoking post! :)

  11. Thanks beth...oh yes...tapping in the the true source...blessings~

  12. So true...it's easier to look away. Thank you for forcing yourself to look. You've encouraged me to do the same.
    15 days is a beautiful start! Praying with you.

    All for Him,

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Nikki...Sometimes we don't want to look at the pain of others and sometimes not at ourselves...but God's grace helps turn our face toward Him and than we can look boldly there...thanks for your prayers...a treasure...blessings to you...

  15. Praying that He heals every part of you as you offer it to Him. Just like Aslan...He is on the move in your life...His spirit is hovering over the face of the waters in your life.

  16. our prayers are always heard!!! and sometimes we have to just pray for the grace to want to pray!!

  17. kd...I love the thought and reality of His Spirit hovering over the face of the waters in my life...thanks for praying...blessings to you...

  18. momto8...yes...I find myself praying...make me willing to even pray the prayers...it's all Grace isn't it...thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  19. Oh Ro,

    this makes me want to give you a big hug! this raw honesty and reflection should be what writing and blogging are all about. i see it convicting you; it convicts me in ways i can't describe. if i spend all my time writing beautiful stories for others to read, and i can't take 10 min to sit down with my tribe to read them a story, then what good is my writing? if i don't allow myself to be engaged with my life, with them, then my soul is empty and there is nothing to write about. this process has been so convicting and life-changing for me--i have come so far since a year ago when i started. it has awakened me to *life*. i encourage you to not stop writing. keep going. i dont know the reasons, but maybe write me about it sometime? i know we all need you here--your grace refined--adds a little sober thought and love that stays to our fleeting passions. you have *so* much to offer.

    sorry so long--maybe i should have sent an email. i will pray with you today! ok, going to go squeeze and love my children now--really--such a beautiful day.

    blessings and love

  20. Nacole...i think you have always been an encourager...it is wonderful to see this blossoming in your life...thanks for your kind words and encouragement...yes...this is such a stretch for me...I will be pondering your words about staying...thanks...
    and I have always struggled and have always talked to my kids...if we don't live it here...if it's not real under our roof...than it is very deep...and probably self serving...a life long struggle...but His grace see us through...
    wow..we have "emailed" each other in the comment box:)