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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Time

It’s time

Ellie Faith will be on her way tomorrow….

As you know, Amy was put on bed rest with some meds to stop early labor….

She is now 37 weeks and the doctors feel Ellie will now thrive outside the belly better than inside….the placenta is no longer giving Ellie what she needs…

Tomorrow morning they will induce Amy…this is a bit of a disappointment  because Amy wants to go natural…she will still try to go natural…but…. ( I have been there…done that…ouch!)…but her main focus is Ellie getting here safely.

So thankful it is only a 3 hour trip…we are heading out today….

So many of you have prayed for her….continued prayers will be treasured.

So next time I post….I will have pictures of this precious little gift….

I am beyond excited…right now I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to have the honor of seeing my daughter give birth to new life…to amazing for words…

Blessings my friends…


  1. So exciting!! Can't wait to see those pictures. Until then I'm praying, praying, praying. XOX

  2. So excited for your family.
    What a moment in everyone's life.
    Savor it all.

  3. So incredibly exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of that precious little one! God bless you with safe travels as you welcome this new little one into the world! Praying friend. Praying! And waiting is sheer joy and anticipation with you... ~ jen

  4. ooooh....exciting! what a precious time for you and your daughter. my mother was there for all four with me too...and i know from what she has told me that they were four of the most precious moments of her life. remembering her sheer little kid excitement over it makes me smile warm and makes me wish i could do it again. but those days are past. yay for your daughter going natural! i hope and pray everything goes as she hopes. i will be praying for her and the baby today.

    blessings and love,


  5. OMGosh, was she born the SAME DAY as my GRANDDAUGHTER - the 12th? So wow! Wishing you blessing with this new heartbeat living outside you!