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Monday, January 16, 2012


 For Me ,the human language seems inadequate to articulate…

To describe the Holy moment of birth….

This Heavenly experience takes the language of angels…

I have been blessed 5 times with this honor myself…

But seeing my oldest give birth to her own…my first grandlove…

Words just fail me….

Even the slightest memory of this glorious moment…

Still warms my heart and waters my eyes.

My daughter did beautifully…stayed the course…

Even with an induction.

So many prayers being offered….

Prayers being answered…

So thankful for a quick labor…

Ellie was never stressed.

From the time they broke Amy's water to delivery….

3hrs…3 hard…intense hours.

As Ellie’s head crowns…

Uncontrollable joy…tears…

The miracle of birth…

New life comes forth…

A tiny bundle of perfection….

Elliott(Ellie) Faith Ross

Her name means….

The Lord is my God to Trust…

This will be my fervent daily prayer for her. 

Here a few of the hundreds of photos taken:)

Ellie lying next to her mom's push present...a necklace with Amy's and Ellie's birth stones.


I continue to count…here's a few of the thousands spoken over these last few days….

~having time to prepare to be there for the birth
~a husband that missed important meetings to be with us all
~a work place that encourages him to do so
~watching my daughter and son-in-love labor together
~sweet family and  friends being together
~natural childbirth
~a quick labor
~no stress for Ellie
~seeing…drinking in this Holy moment
~10 toes…10 fingers…
~such perfection
~Amy’s quick recovery
~seeing seeds come full circle
~my college minister and his wife being there…them now apart of Amy and Jared’s life
~prayers of friends
~cell phones exploding with joy for it all
~seeing my daughter step into her new role with grace and beauty
~grace accompanied by many tears when it is time to leave
~getting updates throughout the day
~so thankful for this gift…

Join me as I link up with Ann ,Jen and Emily…you will be blessed.


  1. Oh absolutely wonderful.
    Those three hours are a doozy aren't they.
    Bravo to all involved.
    What an exciting time for your family.
    The baby is beautiful... Your daughter is just glowing...and so are you.
    Blessing to all

  2. What joy!!! What a beautiful, tiny love gift. XOX

  3. T...and Patricia...such joy...such a gift...thanks for stopping by and rejoicing with me...blessings to you my friends...

  4. She is so precious!! Congratulations, friend! Just love her name too! May God's hand and blessing be on her all of her days!! :)

  5. Tammy and Jen...thanks for stopping by and give a shout of rejoicing...blessings to you both...

  6. How wonderful! A testimony of his faithfulness! Congrats and enjoy every moment!

  7. Awwww.....how precious is she! What a beautiful, faith-filled name: The Lord is my God to Trust…

    Rejoicing with you~


  8. Christina , I am so thankful to God...He is always faithful...blessings

    Stacy...thanks for rejoicing with me...blessings~

  9. Ohh, I can't even imagine the joy! My kids are teenagers and I already look forward to that first grandbaby. Congratulations, so happy for you!

  10. Shelly...yes...a joy like no other...thanks and blessings to you....

  11. Congratulations! And your "grandlove" looks so much like your daughter! Thanks for sharing such an intimate and beautiful moment, Ro!

  12. Congratulations! I love the cycle we are all caught up in ... such beauty!

  13. Oh, how beautiful your granddaughter is!!! And your daughter was just glowing. Congratulations!

  14. what a precious gift! ( i had pre-term labor with my only daughter, now 21. so i appreciate even more the magnificence of His good gift to you all :)

  15. congratulations! she is so beautiful! and yes, this birthing, it is a holy experience indeed... xo

  16. Thank you ladies for stopping by...sharing in the joy...a joy that will only grow with Ellie:)...blessings to you~

  17. awww...what a beautiful little one...oy birth is def a spiritual experience...ha...both of ours so very different..the first humbling me to my knees in fear...the second a sigh of relief...

  18. I just stopped by to say hello again. I loved your post. I too have witnessed a couple of my daughers have their babies; and it was a joy filled moment for sure. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and it brought back some sweet memories.
    Blessings to you for the memories today.
    Living Waters @ http://lgwilliams.blogspot.com

  19. Ro!

    she is beautiful! what a gorgeous baby girl. thank you for sharing the pictures. your daughter is so brave--i am glad everything went well. and is that you holding her?! oh my! you both are radiant, and your daughter as well. this post had me teary-eyed. a beautiful moment in life...the miracle of new life and how it re-births us, makes us feel alive.

    blessings, friend,


  20. Brian...from childbirth one...nothing transforms us more...Blessings
    LeAnn...thanks for stopping by...so glad you got this honor too...have a blessed day...
    Nacole...taking pictures with babies is like wedding pictures...joy just has to ooze through..yes that is me...grandma...maybe lolli...love the sound of these words...blessings my friend...

  21. Miracle of miracles, a living, breathing, created-in-the-image of God new child. A child of the King come to earth.
    ~ Blessings and peace to you all.

  22. debra...yes miracle of miracles...such a blessed event...thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  23. AWWW, Congratulations Grandma! :)
    Beautiful pictures!

    (Blogger has been giving me trouble with comments. Hoping this comes through!

  24. kristin...thanks for stopping by and sharing in the joy...words fail to express the pure joy of a grandbaby....
    Blessings to you...