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Friday, December 2, 2011

The word is tired.

You know how sometimes there is something nagging inside...something just gnawing...but your not sure what it really is... and then you just start pouring your heart to the Lord...This is where I was yesterday...As I journal the foggy cloud lifted… I knew what was eating me...Oh this is it..even though I really did not want to admit out loud…the writing it down… the getting it out…is always good….

So my confession…I am tired…I am really tired of homeschooling…I have been at this a long time…my oldest daughter is 29…the last one left to finish teaching is 15.

I am that kind tired where I just don’t want to do it…the kind of tired where giving up would be so easy…I don’t have the energy…I don’t have the love…and all this robs me …keeps me from giving my daughter the kind of investment I gave the others...

I think God has me right where He needs me to be…tired… tired so my own strength is gone…and now He can come…breath life into these dry bones…He can renew my strength like wings of eagles…He can be my wisdom…He will energize me so I will endure until the end…not with my teeth grit…but with the joy set before me….

Jump in and join the fun...


  1. Hello ells

    First of all, I couldn't even find a linky to link up to... so you're not the only one!

    Secondly, I can relate so much to your post..except I am tired period! Of almost everything these days. You are so right.. when all our strength is gone we have to let Him be our strength. Lovely post!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  2. Tis the season...my we all grow in Him...blessings to your tired soul...may this weekend be restorative...

  3. Hi. Thanks for your comment. I have followed you now. Your words are so true and universal, just change the subject. Happy Friday, may He give you rest for your soul.


  4. Praying His supernatural rest for you. Praying the type of renewal that only comes from God.

  5. Thanks tracey for stopping by and for the follow...yes...our struggle are universal...and may we all allow Him to bring that rest...

    Carolyn...thanks you...yes supernatural...He is able...
    Blessings to your weekend...

  6. Oh no don't tell me this...lol... I am in the same place: this year is just the year I am into homeschooling... I mean we are getting it done...but ...yawn...
    What to do?
    Ihave been thinking the same things.

  7. Ells, I am so, so encouraged by your transparency here! I love that you just said the truth of your heart. It is so powerful -- so healing -- to let the truth come out, and often, to share this with community. We know He knows what is going on -- and I love how He is so gentle with us in the waiting for us to confess it to Him so He can help! Bless you! I pray for His wisdom to flood you and His strength to cover you now. In His love, Jennifer

  8. T...I knew this might discourage younger moms...but I have been here before too...this one just hit me a little harder...He is faithful...if He isn't...I would have quit a long time ago...

    Jennifer...yes being vulnerable isn't always easy...thanks for the prayers...blessings to you Jennifer...

  9. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. And I'm agreeing with you, may HIS strength renew us all and bring us great joy. He IS faithful!

  10. thanks jacque...yes so thankful for His faithfulness...have a blessed weekend..

  11. Wow, your honesty is powerful. How many homeschooling mothers would admit to say how tired we are of homeschooling? As if uttering those words will make us terrible mothers. I'm barely into the second year and I'm exhausted! I know in my heart this is where we need to be, but it has been very difficult and challenging. I pray for His strength and guidance to stay in the race...and I pray that He continues to lead you and your family. Thank you for sharing.