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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Continuing to count.

Matthew15:36"When He had given thanks, he broke them and gave them to the disciples, and they in turn to the people...there was more than enough."

If we will take what God has given...and give thanks..our brokenness...the broken pieces become a sacrifice of praise ...then we in turn share these broken pieces with our children...those around us....
so He can multiply....satisfy..
and we don't have to hold back....there will be more than enough to satisfy....

Well, the week started with an adventure… In the past I have sneezed when we brought the Christmas tree …but this year…I had a full on allergic reaction….
                   We are thankful our tree found a new home with our neighbors.... 

                     Thankful for decorations that could remain indoors….

                                  Celebrated the coming of Ellie…

And topped off the weekend with the family walking in a winterwonderland….



~when God’s nearness is felt in the middle of a crowd

~family playing cards
~two teenagers that still come at night just to sit and talk even though it is usually starts after 11:)
~Divine Intimacy…what a joy to be sharing this with my Dad
~hearing God’s whisper….come
~nice long dinner with hubby
~my husband born 54 years ago today
~eye medicine
~lessons of flexibility
~all the adult kids home
~wonderful, sweet shower for Amy and Ellie
~walking around the Opryland Hotel with the whole family
~sweet times of love together

Join me as I link up with Ann and Jen


  1. I love the Opryland Hotel. We got engaged at one of the restaurants there:) So many blessings on your list!

  2. we were walking and a guy dropped on his knee right in front of us...thanks for stopping by...

  3. Enjoyed the poem/prose at the beginning of this post. Thanks for sharing. Gail (Bible Love Notes)

  4. beautiful. you all look so. full. of joy.

  5. Gail..thanks for the follow...and for stopping by....blessings~

    Amy...oh we are blessed and I am glad our joy can shine forth...Have a blessed day~

  6. The Christmas lights look amazing! So sorry that you had an allergic reaction to your tree. I too pray that my children, once teens, will seek us to simply talk. What a blessing!

  7. oof, so sorry about your allergy attack!
    What beautiful pictures, looks like lots of new memories are being made. :) ~Frances

  8. Carrie...oh it is a blessings...but be prepared...they like to start those conversations around 11...:) blessings as you continue to connect to your kids hearts...

    Frances...yes...sweet memories...blessings to you...

  9. I came over from Jen's Soli Deo Gloria - cause it's time for me to discover and make new blog friends. This post is beautiful ... simple... sincere... heartwarming.

    I loved all your photos ... and your thank you list, I could identify with many of them... divine intimacy... lessons on flexibility... family love...

    Blessings on your Advent Season. Thank you, I enjoyed my brief time here at your blog place.


  10. Lidia...so glad you took the time to stop by...your kind words bless me....blessing to you ~

  11. Ohh! You can enter the Photo Scavenger Hunt for a wreath as well. :)

  12. thanks for stopping by...will check it out...blessings~

  13. Ells - I just love your photos! Your family is beautiful! What a great list of thanks! Bless you this day, my friend! ~ jen

  14. Thanks my friend...blessing to you Jen...

  15. Your gratitude list is great.


  16. Glenda...thanks for stopping by...blessing to you...