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Sunday, December 4, 2011

His sweet, loveable will.

His sweet, loveable will.

“All I have to do at every moment and under all circumstances is to say a generous “YES” to Your sweet, loveable will.”  Divine Intimacy

This says it all…simple…not easy but the true essence of true rest and peace.  So I ask the Father to continue to root out all that clogs …all that robs…and all that chokes out the life He has for me…as a wife…mother…daughter…sister and friend. To open my eyes…”The remedy is in the retina”…so I can see the Holy Vision of God’s will…all that blinds me from seeing His will as being sweet and Loveable.  Transforming me so…
I can give a generous  “Yes” …
because if I sow sparingly…I will reap sparingly…
because God loves a cheerful giver.

I continue to count because counting helps clear my vision…

My sweet husband reading to me while I was sick.

The gift of a scholarship paying for collegeJ

Sister ‘s made by marriage decorating together.

Celebrating 26 years of a life that brings us such joy.

Even though grown…playful games are still enjoyed.

~light snow falling
~a mom who still makes homemade soup for me when I am sick.
~z pack
~feeling better
~feeling my head clear physically and spiritually
~safe ,good  day trip to Atlanta…
~seeing God’s kindness in the smallest of things
~God’s Grace is Always suffiencent
~family being home
~sweet fellowship with old friends

Join me as I link up with Ann and Jen.


  1. I adored your list! I loved that your husband read to you while you were ill - what a wonderful gesture. And I love to see your adult children - playing! - I look forward to the days when my grown children return with their families. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm glad that you're feeling better. BTW, I live south of ATL :)

  2. I love how long your gift list is... it shows in your words you shared with us today, how I see you are reaping fullness... what a precious family and all the blessings they have given you to help you recuperate. I love the joy you show! " So I ask the Father to continue to root out all that clogs …all that robs.." came at such a needy time...
    He is ever faithful
    I loved all the words you posted today ... such richness in Him... our hearts to be so full of Him...

  3. Carrie...I love being read to...not a great reader...so I love it when He reads to me...oh yes it is sweet times when all the family is back under the roof...pure joy...Have a blessed day...

    fisherlady...your words are so full of encouragement..Oh that His joy comes through...Oh His sweet Grace...
    Blessings to you...

  4. Another list of beautiful gifts. :) And I just loved that quote at the top. That is what I am living this week... not really sure what all is going on with the circumstances, but saying "yes" and taking it step by step! ~Frances

  5. Whoa the zpack... You were really sick...I am no good on antibiotics they are worse then whatever I originally had...make sure you take some probiotics to balance yourself out.
    Heal up.

  6. You have been blessed. You have much to celebrate. And your gratitude shows.

  7. I am with you T...I try to do everything to avoid antibiotics...and now think my immune system is down and I am having an allergic reaction to the Christmas tree...moving it outside today and hopefully get some relief...:)

    Jennifer...yes...very blessed and I am so glad what God is working in my heart can be see...praises to Him...thanks for stopping by...blessings

  8. eggthoughts...that quote just really captured my heart when I read it...
    Blessings as we both say our generous yes to God ....