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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pilgrimage of Love.

Pilgrimage of Love

I continue to count God’s immeasurable Grace…

the gifts He continues to lavish upon me…

My mother turned 87 yrs. young…

and we gave her a surprise party….

Oh and did we surprise her…this is a miracle in itself…

But more than delight her with surprise...

My prayer was for her to be blessed knowing she is….

Honored…celebrated…and treasured…

So we gathered her closest friends...

Most everyone there was at least 20yrs younger than her…

Most are the ladies she plays golf with 3 times a week….

I know…that statement itself is amazing…

My mom is not one to express much emotion…

But joy was written all over her face…

She drank deep the love poured out upon her…

my mom is still more pepper than salt...my sister more salt than pepper...me...hoping to take after my mom:)

I sat quietly worshiping God…

He has done great things…

He has taken me on a pilgrimage of Love…

And love leads to the Land of Grace…

Where forgiveness and acceptance flow…

And I too drink deeply of His love that is poured out upon me…

The love that He desires to pour out on all His children….

I pray for each one the Lord brings here today…that you will receive all the Love He desires to pour out on you today…                     
May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing[through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing(bubbling over) with hope. Romans 15:13(amp)

~wonderful birthday celebration
~God's grace in action
~trusting God with my heart...He is trustworthy
~good  medical report for a friend
~baby Ellie growing and doing fine
~family time
~son calling to tell me to look at the moon, I might want to take a picture:)
~kind officer...no speeding ticket for hubby
~feeling you instruct my heart
~safe trip back for the bloggers
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  1. Your mom. Kind of reminds me of my mom – my mom's in heaven now. Family – so important – so important. I smiled as I read this – and smiles are important – so thank you – and God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  2. Craig...so thankful this brought you a smile...Blessings to you and yours as well...

  3. What a wonderful, beautiful post, birthday party and mom :)
    It made me a little weepy though. My 80 year old mom is my best friend and I love her so, but she lives 750 miles away. I am so thankful for cell phones and the internet! I hope to have her here with us for good some day.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet momma:)

  4. Kristin...my parents lived in south florida until they were 80...they just knew it was time to be closer to their kids...it has been such a gift from the Lord...I pray your momma will be near you soon...blessings~

  5. love your prayers... so does God who desires to bless us abundantly more than we could ever hope or think ....
    I love celebrations; thank you for sharing with us your very special one!

  6. yes...so thankful He does...thanks for stopping by...

  7. Clicked over from Jen's.

    Beautiful birthday tribute and post.

  8. beautiful...everything. Your mom looks so young!

  9. What a great party.
    What a youthful crew.
    Good genes.

  10. Amy...thanks for stopping by....blessings

    Jen...I think part of her looking young is she is not gray...I only hope:) happy birthday to you too:)

    T...my parents are very active at their age...I hope to be the same as well...Blessings~

  11. Such beauty and love here. My mom is 80 and has lived through much...you inspire me to tell her story.

  12. Thanks connie...sweet...you should tell her story...
    have a blessed day...

  13. I know that must have been a beautiful day with your mom. Moments to treasure. Blessings to you!

  14. Ahh, just beautiful, the celebration of her. And thank you for your kind and sweet words of blessing to each one of us visiting you in this place...how grand is the way you love, a pure reflection of Him!

  15. What a beautiful way to honor your mother. As my mother ages I find I just want to heap honor on her head. "Her children rise up and tell her blessed."

  16. showthem...yes...she is still talking about it...blessing to you...

    Jacque...your words are so very kind...humbled...blessings to you...

    pamela...oh yes...heap away...have a blessed day

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