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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Measuring themselves by themselves.

Measuring Themselves by Themselves

“…but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 
2Cor. 10:12

This is my first holiday season in the blog world…and I must be honest…I am not sure I could have entered the blog world as a young mom… a mom who was so much in progress…a mom who felt like a failure at the end of most days…a mom who felt everyone did it better than me…
I was the chief of sinners…
but I thought of this in the most self-condemning way.

So when I read Ann’s prompt …preparing for holy holidays…my first thought was… I am glad I am in a different season of life.  While many will click and glean from all the wisdom…encouragement… and the different prospectives…there will be those who will be reading and letting the enemy heap guilt upon them...allowing the enemy to whisper…”failure”…”if only”…

My heart is for you…before you read other’s blogs…pray…ask God to prepare you…to teach you…but also to protect you from the enemy taking wonderful truths…traditions…convictions of others and using those to heap his guilt upon you…how the enemy loves to breed competition among woman…feed us the lie we are not enough…

There is so much beauty to be found here…but if you don’t have grace to read…just back away…it’s ok…sometimes one just needs to tuck away under God’s protective covering…and trust God will design for you and your family the season and celebration He has for you…let Him be you friend…your guide…your creator for this season.

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  1. Oh - Ell - there is so much wisdom here. It is so important to understand that everyone is in a different place in their journey. Even after 27 years of marriage - this year is a different place - it doesn't feel like a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving place - but I have learned that if I just take it like it is, keep my heart opened for what-might-be's, God surprises me, blesses me. Life changes; traditions change - but God's faithfulness never changes.

    I needed this:) Be blessed dear friend!

  2. You write such a generous dose of love and wisdom. Thank you for spreading grace and advocating for self-acceptance. Happy Thanksgiving friend!

  3. Blue cotton...I am so thankful brought some help...so thankful that are finding God's blessings in the midst of change. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

    Janae...your words bless me...Have a great Thanksgiving too...

  4. i hear you in this...you know i found blogging at just the right time and have quite an online family now...that is hard to grasp some days but...i like the thought of praying before reading as well...we def dont need to be competing with holidays...

  5. a very wise admonition...
    blessings to you
    May God keep our hearts joyous in Him

  6. So true. Guilt (especially false guilt) can paralyze us when we let it condemn us and when we let the guilt guide what we do. Thank you for the encouragement today!

  7. thanks fisherlady...blessing and Happy Thanksgiving...

    Jimi Ann...always good to remind ourselves...we are uniquely His...Happy Thanksgiving...

  8. oh word...luckily i have this ton of children...okay maybe only 7 so there is no way I can complicate matters... during the holiday season I shoot for themed weeks... but I have been burned by even that .
    so we do advent because we have at least been doing that for years... so it's natural...everything else is just icing on this cake.
    Good word to all the moms for sure.

  9. i just read your comment on gypsy mama where you said you weren't a writer. i'm a curious cat, so i had to see if it was true.
    my dear, you are a great writer. loved reading some of your posts. it's true, i'm not an editor or english teacher...just a reader. you do well:)
    i'm also older (65) and have a passion for younger women to be encouraged in their faith as well as encouraged in areas where they often feel overwhelmed or inept. i loved reading your posts. they reminded me of some of the things i think are important for younger women to learn.
    someday we should team up for a blog called "tough old broads" tell you what you need to know. i know, i'd never name my blog that. sounds a little too crass i guess, but i do feel i've earned my wrinkles and could lessen the stress on a number of young women who are stressing over too many things when they need to simplify and slow down. nice to meet you. hope we cross paths again:)

  10. wise words.

    bless you,
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. T...yes...many kids in someways simplifies somethings...while complicates others...Happy Thanksgving...

    Brandee...thanks for stopping by...Happy Thanksgiving...

    Martha...your words are kind and generous...maybe barely getting passing any of my english classes helped me believe I am not a writer...all those red marks...HaHa...great name for a blog :)...yes wrinkles and gray...does help with perspective...I sure don't ever want to come across like I have all the answers...but you do gain with age...and I would have loved(or at least I would like to think I would have)...an older woman to just tell me to breathe...trust...love...
    Thanks so much for stopping by...I will stop by soon...have a Happy Thanksgiving...

    orange tree...blessings to you and thanks for stopping by...

  12. i started to cry as i read this. such grace, here today. thank you. thank you.

  13. emily...OH this is where my heart is...if what I have been through...letting some age teach lessons...to be able to encourage such wonderful young moms...this bring joy...
    you are so wonderful and your heart toward your family is so true...God is faithful to meet us...
    Blessings to you...

  14. Beauty and wisdom written here. I am 54 and my kids have long left the nest. I have had to catch myself wishing I had brought my kids up differently like these young women on the blogs I read. It can bring guilt and sadness.
    When I hear sweet words from my daughter who is 31 that her father and I did good by her bringing her and her brother up in the faith and how grateful they are to have parents such as us I praise God and thank Him!

  15. Lynn...I can ditto your thoughts...my adult children affirm us often...such a blessing...now my heart is to be able to share...especially with my daughter...the truths I understand now...how I would do so many things different...God is so kind and faithful
    thanks for stopping by...blessings~

  16. I can tell that you are allowing the Lord to guide your fingers on the key board. Know that we are touching others as we blog even though not all will make comments.

  17. oh your words bless and humble me...thank you so much for stopping by...blessings to you...

  18. Your words are simmering here, sinking in to my too-busy-mamma-heart. Your wisdom and encouragement for others is a beautiful gift, and your words, inspired. You are a writer, and so very much more than that... thank you, friend.

  19. Yes. Thank you for these encouraging, true words.

  20. Kris..your kind words minister to me...you are a blessing...thanks so much....

    mollie...so glad you found encouragement...blessings to you...

  21. This is so prevalent. I think we compare ourselves too often to others and their blog lives. And, I don't think many of us are honest about our failures. You are right, we need to read with grace.

  22. I'd like to join the "tough old broads" group (yes, renamed a gentler title). Now that I'm finally getting out of the world's "Christmas" rat race (I hope!) I just ache for all young moms who try to do more than everything, all year, but way worse now. I read the word "tired" over and over on blog posts and comments already, and see it etched deep into faces. By new year's, women look pale, haggard, ready to collapse. Surely not because of God's requirements. His yoke is easy...
    Anyhow, no one's going to feel bad comparing their holiday frills with mine anymore! I don't even have a wreath up yet (maybe today?), and am buying mostly gift cards to mail. And I'm glad I only started blogging recently, too.
    My only advice about preparing your heart would be to *eliminate something* - no matter what "the Joneses" (or the kids, or the blog readers) might think - to allow time just to breathe and enjoy The Gift. Above all, not to add anything else on!
    So glad you wrote this good, caring post!