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Monday, November 7, 2011

Abundantly Blessed.

Abundantly Blessed

There is an ebb and flow of life

Times of barrenness…

Times of fullness…

Dry and thirsty times…

Times soaking from the downpour…

A planting with the hard eucharisto

A harvesting the bounty….

We all are acquainted these seasons…

Everyone rides the cycle…

Where are you in the cycle today?…I pray you find Him near…and I know God’s Grace is sufficient to meet you right where you find yourself today…

My season...one of bounty....

Birthday present from my daughter...a beautiful daily reminder of Elliott Faith


celebrating with Amy at her first baby shower.

                                             ~lunch with a dear friend
                                            ~friendship that finds its way through trials
                                            ~everyone around the table
                                            ~seeing growing maturity in son
                                            ~this son helping his momma with math
                                            ~amazing grace 
                                            ~God's goodness never ceasing to amaze
                                            ~wonderful weekend
                                            ~staying with my daughter &son-in-love
                                            ~basketball victories
                                            ~baby shower being held in the very place I found 
                                                   Jesus 30yrs ago
                                            ~one of the lady hosting is the one who loved me with
                                                      the love of Christ those many years ago
                                           ~only God could....
                                           ~giving my mom her surprise 87th birthday party today
                                           ~God's Grace
                                           ~God's kindness
                                           ~God's mercy
                                           ~God's ways to marvelous for words

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  1. A baby shower!!!! This pregnancy is just cooking along.
    So exciting... That necklace is so cute.
    I bet you can hardly stand all the anticipation.
    So happy for you my friend.

  2. I love the necklace! Such a sweet moment and a blessed season.

  3. I just loved your photos! Wonderful list, today!

  4. T...beyond excited would describe my heart...people have spoken of the joy...I am almost surprised the joy that can come from another having a baby...
    Blessing my friend...

    toshow....thanks...I love the necklace as well...don't wear much jewelery...so my daughter if surprised I am wear this all the time...a great reminder of prayer...
    Blessings to your day...

    Grace...thanks...a work in progress...thanks for stopping by...

  5. Beautiful photos and words. So true about our lives having a cycle, a rhythm, a rotation of seasons. I think as we learn to recognize our placement during these times, we are more able to embrace fully God's purpose for the moment.

    Blessings as you helpI prepare for a new baby :)

  6. Oh I love it- beautiful pictures, beautiful words that fill my heart - so glad you are in the season of plenty! Oh how wonderful #baby shower in the same place you found Jesus!!!! yay- I'm smiling right now just reading it!

  7. shelly...good word..recognize our placement...and than we can embrace...Amen...thanks for stoping by...blessings~

    Kelli...that is a kind compliment from a real photographer...30 years ago...could have never envisioned this gift...so kind of God...Blessings friend...

  8. Beautifully said with photos. Loved it.

  9. shanda...thanks for stopping by...blessings

  10. Beautiful post and pictures. Sunflowers always speak to me -- I think because their face is always turned towards the sun. That's how I want to be, my face towards the SON.

  11. Love the pictures of cotton. It's a site I'm so familiar with, although less and less as the land gets gobbled up for other things.

    Your post reminds me much of "Desert Song." Seasons. I am in a season of harvest now, after a hard season of desert losing my parents. All seasons have been grace-filled though, thanks to God.