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Monday, October 3, 2011

I am celebrating another milestone...starting at 1....gift by gift...counting... daily writing...1000...as I count... my heart slowly revives from a deep, deep slumber.  I keep counting...rejoicing...learning to see the world around me with new eyes.  Blessing...by blessing...they now number 2000!!

This is where the journey started...in my room...in my chair...with all things Ann...and with the help of others.
                    A special gratitude journal...one that keeps me from missing all the ways my husband is a gift to me.
I not only chronicled on paper...but also with a camera...My sweet family surprised me and honored my journey with such a wonderful gift  for Mother's Day!
Always thankful for the simple pleasures in life...some coffee and a big cup...yum..yum!

Capturing simple joys of being together...friendly competitions always finding a place:)

Savoring the love that just must be expressed.

Last but not least...with new eyes beholding all the gifts of beauty He gives...just because He loves us!
So I daily continue to count...numbering the pages... one gift at a time...until pages fill my book...books fill my shelves...but most of all... gratitude and Love fill my heart...until one day...this joy can not be contained...this joy...like a river...flows freely.
~perseverance for a long day of school
~Amy's growing tummy
~Jesus Calling speaking to my daughter
~God's faithfulness to draw my children to Him
~getting bathrooms organized
~quiet afternoon
~yummy roast
~testing fires of finances
~learning to live in the moment
~trust in God's care
~tender heart of a child
~my husband's gentle heart
~sunshine after rain
~cool temperatures of fall
~Tens unit for my back
~beautiful outdoor wedding
~hearing Katie Davis speak
~her amazing humility...how it inspires
~Katie's  new book...a book to feed our soul...so she can feed her children
~counting my blessings... each gift... reaching 2000...going on to....never ending.


  1. I love everything in your list, especially trusting in God's care. So many blessings. He is so good!

  2. Thanks Christina...yes...growing in that Trust...

  3. whoa girl that is some heavy camera you have there!
    what beautiful family.

  4. T...yes..beyond my skill level...but I am learning bit by bit...more of the stepping out of what does not come natural to me. I was blessed and blow away...they saw my heart....

  5. Stopped by today to tell you that you're SUCH A blessing. Your heart sings in your words. I can tell they don't always come easy, because courage is battled for. But your fighting for it is the part that brings me to Him--Every. Time.

    Rich blessings as He continues to show you His purpose in All.

  6. Beautiful blessings expressed in words and photographs! The golf ball stacks made me smile.

  7. Amy...your sweet words touch me deep...you kindness blesses me today...
    Blessings dear Amy...

  8. Dorie...yes...my son's can make most everything into some kind of challenge...glad it made you smile...
    Thanks for stopping by...

  9. Hurrah for 2,000+! That is awesome. My brothers and I love to play the "ninja"/hand slapping game when we get together. :) SO much to be thankful for! ~Frances

  10. Wow...funny that you recognized what they were playing...I guess only others "ninjas" would know.
    Frances...thanks for stopping by...

  11. Wonderful post! All of it. Beautiful photos - lovely list. And I love seeing familiar books. My daughter and I and two of my best friends are all reading through "Jesus Calling" and earlier this evening I was showing my daughter a copy of "God Calling" that was my mother's. It is truly a blessing to know that my girlfriends and I are all on the same page. =)

  12. Patricia...love seeing God knit His daughters together by His Spirit...I just "happened" upon the God calling...I love it too...
    I will even think of you more often as I daily read from these devotionals.
    Blessings friend...

  13. first, I don't know what your name is. And I wouldn't mind if you shared that with me sometime. But for now I'll just say YOU :-). And all those pictures – and all that joy – and smiles – and family – so much grateful – and so much to be grateful for. And of your list – my favorite – because I always choose a favorite with a thank you list – is the fact that your list is 2000 long – 2000! – I covet your 2000 thank you's! second place goes to your husband's gentle heart – if I were bride – I'd want a husband with a gentle heart. Thank you for this. I smiled lots while reading. Smiles are important. In this last month, they've been rare. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours, YOU :-)

  14. Great photos! What a beautiful family you have! Life changing...the gift of thanks...isn't it, my friend! Blessings ~ jen

  15. Thank you for visiting my site and for leaving the precious comment! I love how you wrote that you're drinking in moments, not sipping! I too must learn to trust in God's care. Relinquishing control - that has been the hardest for me. Thank you for sharing your lovely family photos and your gratitudes!

  16. Jen...yes life changing it is...blessings to you friend...

    Carrie...oh how I know control...so thankful God can win us over to trusting in His love...may we grow in the relinquishing all...
    Thanks for stopping by...

  17. Hello!
    Love your blog - saw the link on Ann's page, and took a look...I love your journals and your books - we are kindreds in that area...I'm new to this blogging world, but am writing everyday for 31 days...and you just inspired me! Thank you and blessings to you!
    --Sarah C.

  18. Oh Sarah...thanks for your kind words...so glad you found a kindred heart here...I am new at this blogging things as well...very impressed that you jumped in for the 31 day challenge...I have committed to post twice a week and sometimes I do the 5 min. fridays. This stretches me...maybe next year...31 straight days...
    Blessings on your new journey...