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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He Never Does Less...

My family had the privilege of hearing Katie Davis speak while she is home…well, I am not sure she would call the United States "home" anymore.  If you don’t know who Katie is…in short…she is a 22 yr. single girl, who left all to move to Uganda.  She is a momma of 13  precious girls and has a ministry Amazima that provides sponsorships for children.  Please go here...Kissesfromkatie...and read more.

When reading her blog…or listening to Katie Davis…my spirit is deeply affected…I feel stirred… this young girl penetrates my heart…she moves me.

Am I moved by compassion for the precious children?…yes…but what moves me most… is her life…her yielded life…her love…and her humility.  This touches me deep…this moves me to want to live my life…yielded…right where I am today…to slow down…listen…saying yes

Yes to God…what does that mean for me?  There is conflict in me…because I believe most people hear her and are moved by compassion to be part of the solution…to reach out to the orphaned…the poor…called to action.  How can someone’s life touch me so?…but from this touch… in my response…I feel different.

Is different bad…is different less…I may never travel to a third world country…I may never adopt (at my age this is highly unlikely)…I may never directly minister to the homeless…the prisoner…Am I less?…without compassion?

These questions haunt me…do I just act…just because His word says to?…or do I wait until the Spirit ignites those truths …transforms a spark into action?John2:14-17…Am I less if I never take part in these selfless acts… acts that have so captivated the body of Christ.  I do esteem …I do applaud …I do pray and support those who are doing these amazing acts of love.  But am I less? Is what moves my heart in unseen ways less?

I don’t go to prisons… but I do stand alongside those who are in their own prison…visiting…sometimes bringing nourishment…watching God unlock doors… witnessing freedom.  I walk that long, dark exhausting path with those whose marriages have been ravished by adultery, abuse, secrets… I travel alongside them as they tread the arduous path to restoration…holding up weary arms…speaking hope into hopeless situations. Is this the same heart that beats in Katie for the children? 

To be honest…I did not want to put my private musings…my battle out here… I did resist …but I guess this is my… yes.   I know these are my hang -ups…my questions and in the deepest part of me… I know the truth…but my own insecurities come to cloud. But asking these probing questions to God is so valuable to me…because this is where I go deeper…knowing Christ in me…me hidden in Christ…this is where I find freedom from measuring myself against others (which God calls foolishness)... so  today I have hope… hope I will continue to grow…with His compassion, His Love, His actions…trusting all the ways God chooses to manifest His heart through me…because in God…He never does less...


  1. We've each been given our own path to walk. Our own pieces of the heart of Christ that move us ... to move. He has your piece carefully and skillfully crafted, just for you my friend. Seek Him and you will know His voice when He says, "Follow".

  2. Thanks Donna...Blessings to you...

  3. It sounds as if you already know this, but I think that what you do matters just as much in God's eyes. Keep on doing what you do with His strength, because He is making it beautiful! Thanks for sharing so honestly and for stopping by my blog too!

  4. Thank you for you kind words...God is awakening much in me...I feel like I am shedding some old skin...doing it in public can feel a little naked...

  5. You spoke so beautifully and honestly of your struggle and as I read I said to myself, Yes! I get this. I get the life-probing questions that ask if we are valid...if what we do matters like what she does matters.

    I just recently read an email from missionary friends in Germany, and felt, as I always do, that their life and service matter and mine does not. I'm not visible. I'm not a valid, bonafide, lettered worker in the Kingdom.

    But I would say to you, and you would say to me, that what we do in the unseen trenches really, really matters. It matters a great deal.

    And it counts!

  6. Sherrie...like you...in my head...and mostly in my heart I know this...but like you...this little struggle rises at times...old thought patterns try to rob...I am becoming more free...and I am thankful for that...so many things count...wife, mom, daughter, friend...and all He calls us to do...
    thanks so much for you kind words...
    Blessings from the trenches....

  7. Can I say I am "jealous" in a non-sinful way that you got to hear her speak? I've followed her blog for about a year now. She reminds me of how I felt about Mother Teresa when I was growing up. God gave her so much responsibility and put her in the world's spotlight. And I wanted to be so used by God like that - used BIG. As I have learned about the talents (sp) - I have come to realize that we are to make the most of where God places or takes us - even if it is ministering to alittle boy in the grocery store aisle. We are to use each moment FULLY.

    It reminds me of my "grass is greener on the other side" son. We have to immerse ourself where God placed us, pray for those placed elsewhere - and not regret that someone else has the better gig.

    At least, that is what I have determined in my little blue corner of the world.

  8. You can be jealous...not in a sinful way...Katie is from here and when she come home...she is usually around here somewhere. She is a special young lady...when you hear her...you don't walk away so much about what she does...but really who she is...I don't know if I have ever seen such humility from a "stage" asI did from her.
    I must say...I never dreamed of doing anything big like that...but I just desire to be all for God...whatever that looks like...
    Thanks for the good word...

  9. oh wow. thank you for introducing me to katie friend. and i agree with donna... we are each given our path to walk. our own destiny, and as long as we are telling God "yes" in our particular story, that's all that matters, my beautiful sister. love to you. xo

  10. Emily...my pleasure...Katie is a remarkable young lady... not only for what she does and who she is...
    Saying Yes to God...my hearts desire...
    Blessings and rejoicing sweet friend....

  11. Oh, such a powerful thing....A yielded life of love and humility. What an amazing story of Katie. What God work she is doing for the Kingdom! Thanks for enriching my morning by sharing!

    Also, such a though provoking question....Do I act because the Word tell me...or because the Spirit of the Lord ignites and compels me? Great questions!

    In my humble experience.....the God prompt will always take us farther than the duty call. Oh, that my heart would be still and listening for the Spirit Prompt...in big things and small today. Have a great weekend, my friend. Blessings ~ jen

  12. Jen...I agree...His Spirit is more empowering than duty...
    May your weekend be full and blessed...

  13. Jesus touched the lives of people around Him, wherever He went... Each person was of much worth to Him; the adulterous woman at the well, the old lady with the flow who touched the hem of His garment, even Judas. Ministry is giving our lives wherever God puts us...power to make a difference comes from His life living through us...my prayer is that I might be a vessel unto His honour.
    Blessings to you,as you touch the lives He brings into your day

  14. fisherlady...wonderful words of encouragement...thank you kind lady...