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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bloom Where Planted...Before an Audience of ONE.

                              Bloom Where Planted...Before an Audience of ONE.

Reading today in Matthew…consider the lilies…how God cares for them…

I felt a renewed sense of awe…awe of God’s magnificent Love.

Because He creates all out of His heart of Love….

He cares for all He creates…

 I ponder the variety in creation….

A beautiful  flower garden displaying its splendor

Fall trees flaunting their crimson radiance

Then my mind sees a solitary blooming desert flower….

 flowers isolated on a lonely mountain...

God displays His beauty across the universe…

Some the multitudes see…some only God sees…

It’s a mystery to me…

Why God places some of His beauty in solitary places…

Who looks upon this beauty other than God?

Does this beauty have less value because it has no audience?

 I contemplate the upside down Kingdom?

What makes something…someone have value?

Well …in this world …it’s fame…accomplishment…audience…

But is this God's value system?

Do the flowers that bloom among the multitude have more value to God?

Does the desert flower…blooming alone under His watchful eye have less value?

How I love the answer….NO!

Because in His kingdom…value is derived just from being created…

whether a flower is planted among a crowd…

or just for an audience of One….

the value in God’s eyes is equal.

What a precious thought…

some…  just for an audience of One…

He is the master gardener…He plants for His pleasure….

All of creation comes together to reflect His glory….

A beautiful field of daisies…a lone desert bloom….

All robed in His glory…royalty before His throne

All to the Glory of God….

And sometimes it takes raw faith to believe in…to trust in... His ways.

***After I wrote this…I thought about this week in the blog world….I am very new to blogging…and I am not really sure I know all about the relevant conference….but I do sense it could be interpreted as “the place to be”…to me the conference represents the field of daisies…God bringing much beauty together…while there are others who represent blooming desert flowers…no matter where we are in God’s glorious creation…let’s lift each other up in prayer…if there are those who feel left out…less than because you are not a daisy right now… I encourage you to lift those attending the conference in prayer…ask God to bless their time… to meet each person there…and those at the conference….bless those who maybe wanted to come but could not…ask God to meet them…bless their time…because together we reflect His beauty….….bringing Glory to Him.


  1. the beauty is in being created no matter where you are at...nice...that is a great thought i will cling to today...

  2. Beautiful reminder that we are a part of the larger and our understanding is limited. May you enjoy wherever you are planted today.

  3. Brian...He doesn't make mistakes...let's cling to His Love....have a blessed day where your planted...

    Elizabeth...thank you for your kind words...blessings to your day...

    Janaecharlotte...yes..how little we do understand the ways of God...Blessings to you too...right where you find yourself today...

  4. We are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made. We are beautiful to our Creator God. Thank you for your words.

  5. happygirl...amen...we are fearfully and wonderfully made...I want to alway live in that reality...

  6. I absolutely loved this!
    And I will be praying for all those flowers at the conference :)

  7. Kristin...yes..one heart...together in Love...
    Blessing to you....

  8. just beautiful... just what I needed to read tonight!

  9. Lisa...I am blessed and humbled...so thankful you found help...blessings to you...
    I hopped over from your link...wow quite impressive...you have 3 blogs...and lots of kids at a young age...
    thanks for stopping by...

  10. he's really been impressing on my heart this upside-down kingdom thing, friend. and here, you made it beautifully clear to me. thank you.

  11. this is wonderful!
    "Because He creates all out of His heart of Love….

    He cares for all He creates…"
    He is the master gardener…He plants for His pleasure….

    All of creation comes together to reflect His glory….

    I have sometimes been there to see that solitary desert bloom... just me to see it, and I know that God is smiling at my discovery... He loves when we share in His delight!

  12. Emily...only by His Grace...may we continue to see with His eyes...His Kingdom...Blessings friend...

    Fisherlady...good to remember...He does love for us to share in His delight...thanks for stopping by...blessings

  13. God has been speaking to me lately about blooming where I am planted. It is so easy for me to be discontent. Thanks for this beautiful reminder, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. I'm a bit like Amanda, feeling that I'm "blooming where I'm planted" but wondering if where I am matters. But your words spoke powerfully to my heart, encouraging me. Thanks so much for your wisdom and for stopping by my blog too! :)

  15. sweet blessings it is...blessings to you both as you find greater peace blooming right where you are today...

  16. interesting thing about the lillies... I can plant them in the pond... and I have
    and they can be planted under the black walnut tree... which is poisonous to most all flowers, but a select few...one of which is the lily.
    and they can be planted just in the plain dirt.

    I will have to think more on this..because considering the lilies is an interesting spiritual and gardening question.
    Thanks for inspiring me.

  17. interesting fact about the lilies... so funny...I did not really focus in on the lilies... the scripture just spring boarded me to ponder the other thoughts...
    now,I too will think on the magnitude of God using lilies...of all the flowers...he considered them...um....
    hope you goldfish are ok....

  18. Beautiful! I love the way you write....... a true talent! Thank you for the lovely comment on my post. Can't wait to read and learn more about you! God Bless!

  19. thank you for your kind words...I do not think of myself as a writer...this is way out of my comfort zone...
    Blessings to you...

  20. "Why God places some of His beauty in solitary places…
    Who looks upon this beauty other than God?" Your words encourage me in the solitary places of my life and days, where no one but He sees. To embrace the beauty and to dance like a little girl before my "audience of one."
    I appreciate what you wrote about Relevant as well. I was able to attend last year, but not this time. It is tempting to feel envy, but I have chosen to pray for them as well. God is using women and blogging to further His kingdom. How wonderful that we are a part of that!!!

  21. This brought my heart such comfort...He always sees...He always cares...His eye is on the sparrow...
    Blessings as you dance before His Love...

  22. It's so good to "meet" you! I'm stopping by via the Blog Bash 2011... have a BLESSED weekend!!

  23. Thanks for stopping by....blessings~

  24. so very sweet of you to check on me! thank you- making a plan of "attack" great support from sweet friends and my husband! :)

  25. so glad for the leading...and the gift of the support...
    Blessings and prayers to you....

  26. You are a very gifted writer! I loved your line about value comes just from being created. How true! I found you through the WLW birthday bash and will be following your blog. You have incredible insight!

  27. i really, really loved this! im not sure why i didnt see it before. but you are so right about the relevant conference...bloggers who arent attending, who feel they dont really have a voice in the blog world...i guess we can all feel this way sometimes. i may be a little envious of the women that get to go on these trips and have a weekend to themselves, meeting with all their friends....but at the same time, i do not envy it because i would be a nervous wreck if i was there. getting to attend something like this may have been high on my priority list in the past, but it isnt now...mostly because im content to have an audience of One, because i want Him to do through me what He wills, and because i accept my place in life--a simple sort of being. we are a large family on one income. and i agree with you that the success may seem glorious, but it comes with a price. i, too, do not envy that.

    more than anything, i hope that this blogging community can be a place of encouragement and not competition, and i believe it is!

    blessings in His grace, and kisses and hugs to you too!


  28. So happy you reposted this in the link up today. This is so beautiful -- and so good for my heart. Thank you.

  29. Thanks for stopping by...have a blessed day...