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Friday, September 2, 2011

Wedding weekend...rest!!!

Rest is what I will need after this weekend of wedding festivities. 

 But in each moment with the one thousand things to do…I will look for rest….

choose to find a quite resting place in my soul…a place to quiet me…a place to fill

Me….a place to lay all the anxious thoughts…all the emotions …that place where only

I can find true rest…..in God’s everlasting, loving, safe arms.

Well ….that was less then 5 mins… but time to start my very full day… but always

seeking my place of rest. 

Ps.  Shaun Groves…All’s Grace is playing constantly… helping to carry me to a place of rest…love it!!!!


  1. oh have a wonderful awesome amazing weekend! Congratulations on the expanding family! And enjoy every moment...allow God to join you in the festivities of the day...HE will point out wonderful memorable moments. Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. How good it is to nestle down and rest in your words. Rest...a beautiful thing. So needed to hear this today. Thanks. Blessings ~ jen

  3. Oh what a weekend for sure.
    you sound like such a wonderful mother in law.
    you are going to have a wonderful time this weekend!