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Monday, September 26, 2011

Continuing to be awaken...

Continuing to count the blessings…the graces…continues to awaken my soul…not just with a heart of gratitude toward God and all He is … all He did…all He continues to do each moment of each day.   But this heart filling with gratitude is being awakened to the world around me. 

How long I have passed by the beauty of His creation…taken a half glance at His majesty displayed… the sky…a glorious sun set…clouds hanging against a beautiful blue background.  Life racing by too quickly to stop…. to smell the roses…to drink in the magnificent array of colors showcased throughout the spring as flowers burst with brilliance … the golden, red and yellow that crown the trees…each  season demonstrating God’s Glory. In God’s love, He created all this beauty… this beauty gives praise to Him…Isaiah 55:12…. and as I awaken…absorbing all the world around me…my voice rises with creation to sing His praises too.

God’s most glorious creation…us…you and me…made in His image…conformed to His likeness.  My heart is waking up from a long hibernation.  This dormant heart is slowing be kindled with the fires of His love and compassion.  I hate to admit…but I must…compassion would not have been an adjective used to describe me.  When hearing about someone’s misfortune…suffering…my reaction was a quick…that is too bad…but nothing seemed to penetrate deep into my heart.  But praise God…rebirth is coming.  Like a dormant seed buried deep in the earth prepares itself to bear new life…going through a transition…this change hidden from human eyes…so are these seeds of love and compassion taking root in my heart.  Little signs of life…signs to give hope…Ezekiel 11:19… that one day a new heart will be beating with His heart for the lost… the orphaned… and those marginalized by society. 

 So each day…I continue to count…continue to be awaken to Him…to all His creation…

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

~prayers together
~Psalm 139
~son cleaning and organizing fridge
~ being inspired to organize kitchen cabinets and draws
~seasons changing....natural and spiritual
~friends up in the night...praying for one another
~learning to let go
~meeting up with our basketball "family"
~fundraiser for friend's adoption of 2 precious ones
~a heart opening up
~people who reflect God's heart
~being shown another way...a better way
~ sara's life...her impact on me...on many
~sara dancing...free from all that weighed her here


  1. Hibernation-that's a great way to describe it! Enjoyed your list--Psalm 139, friends praying, heart opening--so good! Have a blessed day!

  2. Just love that humble song...."Praise God from who all blessings flow". Also love how you said, "How long I have passed by the beauty of His creation…taken a half glance at His majesty displayed." Oh, how take half glances....continually. That He might break me of that....and let me see the fullness of His glory. All around. Bless you this day, my friend. ~ jen

  3. Christina...I love waking up from my hibernation...thanks stopping by...blessing to your day...

    Jen, Yes...as Ann's writes...I want to make more moments cathedral moments...blessing sweet Jen...

  4. Hello - Thank you so much for your comment on my post. And, you're right, we did write of such similar things. Blessings to you!!!

  5. Your reflection on what gratitude does to our hearts is beautiful. Enjoyed reading your list...how special, friends praying for each other into the night. And Sara. I am thankful also for the sweet, perfect joy she is now experiencing. Blessings to you this week =)

  6. Amber...thanks for stopping by....Blessings to you too..

    Mari...your words warm my heart...blessings to you as well...

  7. Beautiful words I find here -- the graces...half glances...absorbing the world...dormant heart. My heart is touched and I find myself saying amen throughout my reading.


  8. Pamela...it blesses me that my words speak to your heart...thanks for saying so...Blessings to you...

  9. What a bright cheery blog! I have a sunflower decorating theme in my kitchen and dining area. They remind me of joy and the bold splashes of color He created for our enjoyment. Thanks for reminding us to really 'see' them.
    I, too, want to be more moved by His love and passion for those He has placed in my path.
    Bless you,

  10. Ruth.. I am glad you found my place cheerful...to be honest, I am fairly new at this so I don't know much about creating a blog page. So it makes me happy that the simplicity spoke joy...I love sunflowers...they are sunshine, happy face...like you said...joyful.
    Blessing to you today~

  11. Ro, loved today's post--it spoke volumes to me.

    i began to get teared up at the "a rebirth is coming", throughout the end of the hymn.

    funny thing is, that hymn was playing in my mind for the past two days--don't know where it came from--its not a hymn i normally listen to or sing. but its there...i can only assume from God. He is amazing. im so happy to have His thoughts in my mind and heart. it is so soothing.

    i loved your list...seasons changing, natural and spiritual, people reflecting God's heart, Sara dancing.


    blessings, friend! love you!

  12. "Friends up in the night praying for one another." This has made my list at times as well.

  13. Nacole...Oh how I love the sweetness of His Spirit...that makes my heart sing:)

    Amy...isn't that special when it happens...talked the next day and she told me she was with me last night...I gasped...at the same time in the night...I was holding her up as well...why as I still surprised at God's care.