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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There Is Beauty In The Scars.

                                      How do scars become the gift?

     Scars can tell our story…
            we can read our history…
                     follow our journey…

                          after healing comes, we can read the scars without the pain…
                                  we then can see them as the gift… we can give thanks.

But how do these wounds heal? How do the scabs stop being ripped open…over and over again…as life… as people… rub up against us.  In the ripping… the pain and infection ooze out on us…on those around us.

Wounds heal quickest and best…when the offender comes and owns the sin… asking for forgiveness.   This simple action keeps marriages healthy and relationships intact…if only there was more of this.

But what do we do with a wound that isn’t owned by the offender?…the kind that cuts deep into our heart…leaving us  gasping for air…the deep betrayal…heartless words spoken...cruel actions taken…the kind of wounds that make us ask the question…is there healing here?  These are the wounds where no one comes offering the balm of forgiveness…the ones that seemingly rub…rub against our pain on a daily basis. How do we learn to forgive here?

I have stood in this place many times…maybe more than one person should have to…but God in His mercy shows me clear…there are two paths before me…I get to choose.  One is the quick slippery slope… like a conveyor belt…effortlessly taking me down into bitterness, resentment, returning “evil” for “evil”… deep down an ugly path.

The second path…a path where the traveling is much slower…it’s not a path of ease.  On this path…I have to choose over and over…to climb that mountain…scale that rock…forge that river…all leading me to His balm of forgiveness.  This journey is long…the world says, ”time heals”... but time only heals if we have spent the time traveling down the road of forgiveness… …the 70 x 70 kind of time…. then and only then… time does heal.

I have started many, many times down the wrong path…gliding toward bitterness and all that accompanies it…but God in His mercy does not leave me there.  He calls…He waits…He never leaves me…I turn toward Him and His longsuffering Love leads me to the path of forgiveness.  We climb…we weep…we journey down the long, arduous path together.  He washes me…washes the bitterness and resentment…He washes my unforgiving heart. With His compassionate Love…He soothes me with His balm of forgiveness.

I discovered here… even in my own unforgiveness…even when there are no
words offered from others… …His words…His Love…  His forgiveness is enough….
His balm…heals the wounds…and there is beauty in the scars.

                               Because in Him…ALL is Yes and Amen!! 


  1. You and I both used scabs..but rather differently. This is lovely. Thanks for pouring out your heart.

  2. I love this,Ells! I found you over at Ann Voskamps site. I think that scars are beautiful because they mean that we were wounded but now we're healed...and stronger than before! Beautiful!

  3. You've spoken some deep and profound truths here today. Thanks for speaking so eloquently to such an important topic. I'm glad you are on the right path!

  4. I know these scars and this healing all to well. Such a deep post. Profound, it made me tremble

  5. I want to thank each of you for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a note...I feel honored...I will look forward to reading your post as well...

  6. unforgiveness is a terrible way to keep the healing at bay. the journey is long--and so worthwhile. such a gracious reminder.

  7. suzannah...thanks for stopping by...this is a journey we all take together.

  8. Oh girrrrl you know I relate to this.
    choosing everyday...sometimes every hour to forgive.
    Our choices are what make us sink or swim.
    p.s...yikes maybe I shoudn't say sink or swim...as I try and choose on if to stay or evacuate before the big hurricane coming...lol.

  9. Oh my...so sorry to hear your vacation haven is in the path of the hurricane...my Wisdom be your guide.

  10. oh man, those wounds... only he can heal friend... i thought it brilliant, the part about others rubbing off the scabs... and joining you in the yes and amen, friend! :)

  11. Thank you emily for your encouraging words...and Yes...Yes and amen.

  12. Oh Ro, this was amazing...beautiful and i love how you give us the WAY to forgive...because so few even understand how to do this, as i wrote about in my post this week--so hard and laboring the process, but worth it with the breakthrough that came for me--thank you for your encouragement!

    i love this--the way to forgive that you lay out: "He calls…He waits…He never leaves me…I turn toward Him and His longsuffering Love leads me to the path of forgiveness. We climb…we weep…we journey down the long, arduous path together. He washes me…washes the bitterness and resentment…He washes my unforgiving heart. With His compassionate Love…He soothes me with His balm of forgiveness."

    It was so good, i didn't want to leave out any part. thank you so much for being there for me--you have been a true friend. btw--i left a response for you on my blog--and the direct URL below--if you want to read...

    blessings, friend