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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Shout Of Thanks For Ann

It only seems fitting on thankful Monday, to give a great shout of thanks to the Lord for Ann…she is the reason I even stepped out here...

With God’s arms holding me…He took me on a pilgrimage that changed me in so many ways….I now can look back and see His fingerprints all along the path….

I have not always been a reader…in fact, I pretty much avoided books(not a good confession for a home schooling mom)…But He changed that…

Here is an excerpt from my journal….this gives insight into that change and glimpse of how He prepares long before He gives the answer…
     “I have developed a love for books…A book can not replace people…but it can come along side you to strengthen…encourage and even at times enter loneliness with you.  As I end Champagne for the Soul, a journey to joy…it feels like I am saying good-bye to a friend….one that I have been visiting with as I travel down this new pathway.  Now I wonder…wait…to see what new or different friend will come and sit with me as I continue to journey along this path toward  You Lord….lead me… guide me ….call the friend.” 

Indeed He did bring that “friend”….the next book I picked up was Ann’s….first on my kindle….then a hard copy….then  on my ipod…in the car…..to have Ann’s sweet spirit read her words is a gift in itself.  I soaked .....and I continue to soak in these truths….

My heart is filled with such gratitude….I love books…and am so thankful the Lord opened my heart to grow.  Oh, to think of what I would have missed....the richness of  these two writers and  the many others I will  continue to find.  Gratitude overflows from  my heart  for the gift of Ann and Mike Mason http://mikemasonbooks.com/(he is Canadian as well….He is much like Ann….. both contemplative thinkers....both with a gift to take profound truths and express them so beautifully and  with simplicity....I bet they would enjoy a wonderful conversation:) 
Both these writers have had a profound affect on my spiritual life.....and I thank the Lord for such wonderful gifts.

Just wondering.....what writer/ writers have impacted you in a deep way? 

~ Birthday lunch with friends...sweet fellowship
~ my daughter's baby bump growing....first grandbaby
~ baby's strong heart beat
~ most of the family home this weekend
~ great talk with the one son in Arizona
~ seeing a bowl of prayers being tipped
~ witnessing the gift of repentance
~  the joy of soon to be daughter-in-love opening shower gifts
~ friend's generous hearts
~ God's Grace
~ an understanding husband
~ a husband's kindness and encouraging words
~ a husband's love that always draws me upward and onward
~ my heart changing by God's Grace
~ once again....Ann Voskamp


  1. I'm so glad you are finding books and authors who inspire. I love books. I have a list of authors who inspire me in the right side bar of my blog, please come visit me sometime.

    I am visiting you from Ann's place. So glad I came by:)

  2. LOL! It's not going to stop now! Found you on Ann's spot, and wishing you many, many happy days of reading and writing:) !

  3. Hello! I'm visiting from Ann's. She is a great inspiration. Corrie Ten Boom is amazing too. Put The Hiding Place on your reading list if you haven't read it.

  4. I actually read a lot of books to my kids....hoping they would be readers...some are and some are not. I just got a free download of the Hiding Place for my ipod. I am looking forward to listening to this great story.
    Thanks for stopping by....

  5. Just --- thank you.
    Mike Mason has been used of God for such good things in my life...
    ... and your phrase: A bowl of prayers being tipped? Blessed me unspeakably today...
    You are a gift, sister...
    Write on, all for His glory alone!

    All's grace,

  6. Ann is the reason I started blogging too. Have yet to read Mike Mason...but will be sure to check him out. If he is anything like Ann's...I am sure I will love him. Blessings to you ~ jen

  7. look at you... blogging like a pro now.
    What a thoughtful delish post.
    congrats on the new grandbaby.

  8. well....I am still trying to learn....I think I have learned I need to have a test blog to play around on and learn on then change the real blog. I still have soooo much to learn...
    I am soooo very thankful for the grandbaby.....bathed in prayer....I call him/her Hallelujah.....as my daughter put it....whether she gave birth or like you said....whether she pushed them out or grabbed them out....they would all be hallelujah babies.....

  9. Ann and Kristin (at the top of this comment list) inspire me. If you pop over to my blog and click the RSS feeds on the right side, you will find those who inspire me daily. Quality writing. So many authors...so little time! :)
    Keep writing, sister. Write for ONE!
    Blessings from Pennsylvania.

  10. Thanks Ruth...going from my paper journal...where I pour out my thoughts...any thoughts I feel from Him... to the blog world...I want to just sit with Him here... like I do alone in my special place I meet him..yes the audience of ONE>
    I appreciate the encouragement....

  11. Books are indeed great friends, and I have so many! Words of wisdom that speak to my soul, I can't part with any of them. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  12. They are a treasure....thanks for stopping by...

  13. Hi, I am over here from Ann's. I enjoyed your post--it was very vulnerable and heartfelt. I too, was inspired to start writing through Ann, althoughI had been wanting to write for years and years. I am finally doing it. I LOVE to read, and understand exactly what you mean about a good book being like a friend. I do not know many, if any, authors like Ann. BUT I will say that Stepping Heavenward is an amazing book that changed my life, and I heart reading John Piper and Gary Thomas (who wrote Sacred Parenting and Sacred Marriage--two more books that changed my life). I agree with the others--if I can get my hands on Corrie Ten Boom's book, I am going to read it. Keep it up! Blessings, friend.

  14. Nacole...Stepping heavenward...my oldest daughter read it until it was tattered and torn...I too love Sacred Marriage...it was my favorite until I read Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason. If you like Ann...I think you would love him as well...
    Thanks for stopping by...

  15. I have just started following Ann's blog and just ordered the book. Looking very forward to growing with it. I did want to say a writer that has been a huge blessing in my life is Philip Yancey. My favorite of his that I've read so far is Dissapointment with God. A fabulous, strong Biblical book in cementing that God is good, no matter what. Blessings!

  16. Thanks leah for stopping by..I like Philip Yancey as well...
    I am thinking you will love Ann's book...I would love for you to stop by and let me know what your think.

  17. Oh, I know what you mean. I'm stepping over from Ann's place now and I'm glad I did.

    I'm gonna poke around a bit more if you don't mind.

    I promise not to open any closets. :)

  18. Glad you stopped by...please poke away..look anywhere...by God's grace...there is nothing left in the closets:)