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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice…Love always protects, always trust, always hopes…always perseveres.

  God gives the command…full of promises… promises of what Joy and Love are too be.
        Joy and Love are endless …without limits…because there is a never ending well to draw these virtues from. 
              True lasing Joy and Love… the kind that remains though pain, disappointment and suffering…Joy and Love are only found in Him.
      Joy and Love have no conditions…both have no strings attached to our earthly circumstances. 

                    Both are rooted and grounded in the never changing heart of God. 

      Rejoice in the Lord always…because we can always rejoice in our Redeemer…even as the world throws its fiery darts at us…even in loss…confusion…disappointment. 

  We can turn to our One sure hope… our greatest Joy…The Lord.   There is a well… an endless well …deep with unfathomable Joy and Love.

    But if we don’t embrace the cross…all Jesus accomplished…all He freely gives…then True Joy and Love cannot be found…because Joy and Love…only flows from the blood that streams from the cross.   

                       In the blood…Joy and Love intermingles with our very spirits. 

 The finished work of the cross…who can’t rejoice in that….again and again...again we do rejoice.

~listening to 1000 gifts with my daughter
~the toast story...is it ever about toast?
~working on wedding video
~reading after dinner
~movie with a friend
~dinner with old friends
~good days in school
~God's watchful eye tending to our kid's heart
~the wisdom He gives
~lovely evening to sit outside
~cooler day to run
~crock pots
~dinner with son and future daughter-in-love
~God's saving the day...a major mistake made by me
~beautiful sunset


  1. beautiful gifts this morning! So glad you shared. Blessings!

  2. You translated this all into such digestable terms.
    Loved reading this.
    Thanks for your comment at my blog today it really was uplifting to me.

  3. I thank both of you for your kind words...
    Thanks for stopping by..

  4. Thank you for stopping by The Calm of His Presence. Beautiful post. I look forward to getting back to running once the days cool down again :).