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Monday, August 8, 2011

 An Ocean of Praise...

Journaling my heart and counting gifts started many months ago…. I recorded with pen and paper…along the way I will be sharing excerpts from my journal notebooks….

“Count the graces…count them out loud…how do I move from the interior of thanksgiving… the leaving the paper… to the lips? I am aware of a wall…one made with stones…some stones are pride…fear…rejection…self- preservation… and stones I still don’t know their names …as God in His Love comes and removes these stones from this wall…the thankfulness that is swelling inside me… will start to flow out…at first it might just be leaks…words here and there…but as the water of thanksgiving rises…it will become a raging river…a river that these stone can no longer contain…thanksgiving comes to push through the walls…each stone being swept away by the torrents of praise.
Prayer…Lord I ask that this river will run freely though my heart…through this house…that it will increase from small drops forming a puddle…to a swelling creek …that swells into a raging river…that swells into an ocean that we float upon….”

Since I wrote this…the walls are coming down…thankfulness flows more  freely….and most days… I am floating upon that ocean.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow….. 

~trust growing for each step
~God’s nearness
~heart pounding….sweat pouring
~a sweet e-mail
~mound of ironing done
~movie Soul Surfer
~freedom growing in my heart
~son getting the blessing of playing basketball on scholarship
~hard rain on dry ground
~cloudy days
~my weekly lunch with Dad
~generosity of a friend...giving us a laptop
~old men playing hymns at the farmers market
~husband encouraging me as I step-out of my comfort zone
~praying with daughter….against the accuser
~four of us….coloring….laughing around the table
~ the working of God in each child’s heart


  1. Hey,
    We watched should surfer this past weekend too! Wasn't it great?! I love how they didn't Hollywood the shark scene. I had been fearing it ( as a parent) the whole time...and then not one of my 7 kids hid behind the sofa. The whole movie was about overcoming. I could go on and on.. But either way...it was such a great movie.
    Good list..I enjoy stopping by here.

  2. Oops... My iPad auto corrected soul surfer in my other comment.
    It was to say...
    We watched soul surfer...

  3. I am pleasantly surprised by how they kept the spiritual part of the story so threaded throughout the entire movie...to see a young girl so yielded to all God had for her. I have now seen it twice....did not boo hoo as much the second time. We loved watching the documentary part as well.
    Thanks for stopping by...

  4. Getting the praise from our hearts to our lips is the key, isn't it? Once we put words to our hearts, the river begins to flow and it's hard to stop. Great list of blessings! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Many blessings!

  5. So love...four of us coloring, laughing around the table. Such great memories here too. The simplest things...sometimes the more remembered. Blessings ~ jen

  6. Thank-you Lisa for stopping by.....
    Jen...what made the coloring so sweet was...we only have 2 left at home....17 yr.old son and a 15 yr.old daughter....just one of those sweet organic times that happen...if I had not been counting gifts...this moment would have just been another one of many moments in the day I would forget...

  7. I'm so glad to see you are being encouraged to step out of your comfort zones. I retreated into mine for so long, but it wasn't until I came out that the blessings just poured all over me. I always remember Isaiah 41:10 when I step out again...."do not fear, do not be dismayed for I am with you, I will hold you with My Righteous Right Hand."

    Thank you for stopping by my place. I'm looking forward to getting to know you :)

    ps~I loved the movie Soul Surfer, but I got sea sick in the theatre. We bought it and am hoping I can watch it on our tv without getting sick!

  8. Thanks for the scripture verse....well I think I have met someone more sensitive to motion than me...I get motion sickness so easily...but I must say the movie did not bother me. Since you have the DVD... I would encourage you to watch the extras...I like watching the documentary they did.

  9. Enjoyed reading your words, and your list ... love to read of the thankfulness flowing out of you. And, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog!

  10. Thanks for stopping by..

  11. praise God for walls falling down, friend! so good to 'meet' you! e.

  12. Yes...He is so faithful...He wants us to be free more than we know to desire.
    Nice to 'meet' you too.

  13. I loved your list, today! We went to see Soul Surfer as a family and just loved it! Thank you for your vistit to my blog!

  14. I loved how the movie did not hold back from showing where the family drew their strength...amazing.
    Thanks for stopping by..