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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

By Faith She...

By faith Abel, offered a better sacrifice…

     By faith, Noah warned….He built an ark…

          By faith, Abraham, when called to go, obeyed…

              By faith, Isaac…Joseph…Moses… a prostitute…

                  By faith, kingdoms were conquered…walls came down…
                       By faith, they were flogged…chained…put in prison….

        This list goes on and on….but one sentence stands out…..

                 Whose weakness was turned to strength

    This list…these people are all called our heroes of faith….all would be 
                                 inducted into the faith hall of  fame . 
What about you and I? Do we want to join? Do we want to become a part of 

                                                this rich heritage?           
If the answer is yes…then we too must follow their path...being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see….we too must allow our weakness to be turned into strength.

Because isn’t this where God meets us?…in our weakness…when we don’t have the strength to take one more step…when the dark night of the soul surrounds us…when we are blinded by our fears…when God asks the hard thing.  Isn’t here where faith is built?…where faith is sculpted into our very being?

So I ponder…when my life is read…when my children…my children’s children… follow my journey…will my life give this testimony...God's power if made perfect in weakness...and will the markers staked throughout my path display these three powerful words....

                                  BY FAITH SHE…


  1. My prayer as well: that I be knows as one who believe God and acted on that faith.

  2. Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Amen, amen, amen!!! Love this. Truly.

    At church this past Sunday, one of the men in our lifegroup said that he thanked our pastor for "leading out of his weakness." It's a thought that has resonated with me since. I can embrace my weakness, knowing the BY FAITH that God is going to use it to my benefit and His great glory.

  4. Patricia...your words are always encouraging...thanks. Our weakness...part of the upside down kingdom... we are not to be ashamed of our weakness... but we hide them...hold them back from the Lord...but He has a better way...and all will be done to the Glory of God...

  5. So good! We need to be weak so He can be strong. "By faith..." I like that. Thanks!

  6. To be more like Paul..."I will boast most gladly in my weakness"...takes grace...takes faith.
    Thanks for stopping by...

  7. Oh what conviction. Thank you for this. That last paragraph grabbed my heart! "So I ponder…when my life is read…when my children…my children’s children… follow my journey…will my life give this testimony..."

  8. Oh...so thankful His grace is sufficient for us all to let this be true in our lives....new mercies each morning...
    Thanks for stopping by...

  9. Thank you for ending this by placing it in our hands.

  10. Yes, a great reminder...this is where God meets us. In our weakness. In that place where there is no hope, but Him. I've found a common theme in these faith giants, not that they were all naturally brave and full of confidence...but that even when they weren't, they took a step anyway, trusting that God would do as He said He would. We, too, will sometimes have to "do it afraid." We don't have to wait until we have it all together and perfectly planned out, we just have to start...and follow His lead. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. what always encourages me about these lists...the ones in hebrews is how god can use any of us...regardless of circumstance...and weakness...i know i struggle at times accepting that weakness and in doing so deny Him that opportunity...

  12. ohh i fought against your words...while I read it.
    in the end you are right. I know it so well.
    thanks for putting this to the front of my mind.
    your friend,

  13. in our weakness, he is strong. why is it so hard to remember this? thank you for this poignant post, friend.

  14. This, too, is my heart's desire: that I would be known for not only believing, but acting in faith.

    Thoughtful, wise words here...