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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneaking out into the blog world for the first time.....this has been a journey getting here. I am taking baby steps....I am not a risk taker.  But I always want to follow where He leads me.  Maybe soon  I will share more of this journey...but for today I am posting on Ann's One Thousand Gifts community.  Ann's words are some much a part of what has brought me to this place in Christ.  So baby step #1.

#1351 wonderful weekend
#1352 sweet time with husband
#1353 friend you can breath easy with
#1354 husband's starting new job today
#1355 a new chapter in our book of life
#1356 son's pictures from Arizona
#1357 thankful to be here



  1. Welcome.
    You will learn so much and be inspired even more.

  2. Welcome! I think you are off to a wonderful start. Loved your list and look forward to stopping by again.

  3. So glad you posted here today :)

  4. wow...I thought I was sneaking...haha....so kind of you all to stop by and encourage....blessings to each of you. (I have no idea what I am doing...so I am trying this to comment....don't know how to comment on each comment)

  5. the fact that you reply to comments left on your blog is a step in the right direction.
    You are doing great!