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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rejoicing with a heart laid low....

Over the years I have learned that rejoicing.... having a heart full of thanks... over time can bleed into pride... leading to an arrogant heart. When God gives a gift… thanksgiving fills my heart...then it happens...I start to grab hold of the gift...look at it...admire it...while all the time still giving thanks. Then the gift gets lifted up....above others....other’s gifts...I raise a new standard....a standard for others to aspire to. My heart slowly but surely darkens with arrogance...I am the pharisee....so thankful for what God has given....but so thankful I am better than others. An arrogant heart does not happen over night....it is like a slow, dark vapor that slowly envelops a heart over time.

So God in His Love and Mercy brought me to a place that laid me low.... tore open my heart. What came oozing out.... was sickening.... oh how I did not see that I took a love gift from God and made an idol.... and I worshiped the gift instead of the giver.... how did I not see this happen....

Today...I feel God lavishing upon me and my family His Love and Mercy...pressed down, shaken together, running over... pouring into my lap. But this time, by His Grace... my thankful heart will be different.... I am learning to rejoice with my heart laid low...

Let us flee from the pride of the Pharisee!
And learn humility from the Publican's tears!
Let us cry to our Savior,
Have mercy on us
Only merciful One!
John Bunyan


  1. I don't normally click on any of the posts on Ann's website, but today I did. I just clicked one, and it was yours. Your post resonates with me. It's an odd thing that pride, isn't it? I didn't know other people struggled with it as well, as they are thankful to God for the amazing gifts He bestows. I struggle with knowing how to tame pride and also, how to tame being too hard on myself. In the past, I have found if I lay down any 'prideful thought or action' as soon as I recognize it, God transforms my heart. I think I need to adopt that practise again as I seek to live and walk in love and grace. I know God doesn't want us to be prideful, but also He doesn't want us to ne so down on ourselves either. I thank you for your gentle reminder of ridding yourself of pride, and how easily it can grow.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Thanks you so much for your post......I too am being set free from the self condemnation that tormented me for years......threads of self hated and those old tapes are still being healed by God. He has won me to His Love....and the more I know how much I am Truly...Really....not just in my head... Loved....I am walking in more freedom than ever thought possible. He is so faithful and so longsuffering in His love for us.
    Blessings to you and your journey of Love.....

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I was talking with my husband about this very thing yesterday. So often I love the good gifts, special moments God gives me. But then I don't want to embrace the pain He brings my way. I want to stay where it's nice, warm and fuzzy.

    But it's all about keeping my eyes on the Savior no matter where He leads.

    Love your post!

  4. Thanks for stopping by.....good word...keeping our eyes fixed because He is the Author and finisher of our faith.

    Blessings to you....

  5. hey Ells...so glad i happened to stop by and read, and from what i can tell you are just starting out...i am honored to be one of the first to read! this was so, so good. thank you, thank you, dear sister, for being vulnerable and honest, and melting my heart and reminding me how easily I get carried away in my own sin and fake humility, which is really just ugly pride. thank you for writing--keep it up!

  6. Yes...it is just baby steps....must admit I have no idea what I am doing. It seems that most bloggers are a bit younger(I am 53) and more natural in bloggy world. But I will travel slow....seeing where this takes me.

    Thanks for stopping by....

  7. WEll done. Thank you for sharing. Very brave of you.

  8. raising my sons, while allowing me amazing up-lifting moments has also given me humbling, pride-squashing moments. A gift pruned back blooms more vibrantly than ever imagined. Like a rose bush pruned back, it doesn't "seem" pretty for awhile - but such beauty results from that pruning.

    Welcome to the blogahood:) Your post was a blessing:)

  9. Your sweet to post.....thanks for your encouraging words. When the fires of His Love come and consume....we do get Beauty for ashes.


  10. Checking up on you... Your blog is really serene. I love the font and how peaceful everything feels.
    You aren't too old at all. You especially blessed.

  11. Thanks....my baby steps right now is to join the gratitude community and Ann's Wednesdays too. We will see from there....maybe sometime I will do more. I like the font on the comment and side page...but I can't figure out how to get the post to change to the same font....slowly learning....

    Love your words on full....very true:)