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Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling like a poseur

I must confess…I don’t think I have a natural creative bone in my body….so with that premise, I just dismissed anything “creative”…..I saw in black and white….not much color….maybe an occasional  gray….which was was color to me……But as I took this journey into the very heart of God…..to live fully alive….to wake up to all His goodness around me….I am starting to see in more color.
Slowing down life… to stop….. to take in each moment and choose….will I  count it all  joy…to see the Beauty around  me.
So I continue to take baby steps….I wobble….this new way feels at times very awkward …still  a little unnatural.  But when Love calls….I must follow…..He is patient, kind and will to teach me a new way…even if it takes a life time.
Awkwardly, I took up my camera….and  I tenitivly  started taking at least picture a day…1000 pictures….capturing one gift  I am thankful for…allowing the lens to be a tool to help transform me from a poseur ….to a person on a dig….finding the Beauty of God… and the beauty and creativity that may be buried under these bonesJ 

These are some of the first pictures I took for my 1000 gift pictorial journal….a point a shoot to start with….that is another story in itself….

~ rising early
~ hosting mom/daughter Bible study 
~ flowers perking up from the rain
~ a good hard run
~ a quiet house
~ God’s clear voice
~ breakfast with my husband
~ deep heart connection
~ easy fix for AC
~ crossing things off my mental to do list
~ seeing God’s hand in transitions of life

              1384~1394  gifts


  1. I say you did very well! Keep taking those steps with Him, they'll get stronger. Isn't it fun to dig and to find the blessings? :)
    Visiting from Ann's place.

  2. I like your idea of a pictoral list of thanks. :)


  3. Every artist started as a rookie at one point... But I would say you are already a leg up from rookie!

  4. Still don't know how to comment on each post....
    But thank you for stopping by....your encouragement is appreciated.